Serena Smith
Leeds Opinion Editor at The Tab

The Tab’s A to Z of Leeds: an alternative guide

From Akmal’s to Zulfi’s and everything in between

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Mums are ALWAYS right tbf

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Now hear me out

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A step by step guide

Not to be dramatic but Fenty Beauty may just be the greatest thing to have ever happened

Soz Kylie

Sorry, but when did uni become a competition to see who’s worse off?

It’s okay to actually… be okay

You can hook up with guys on Instagram now so I guess Tinder is officially dead

Instagram is the only place worth taking your hoe-related business

Here’s what your Leeds halls Tinder bio would look like, if that were a thing that for some reason existed

Charles Morris? Instant swipe left

Euron Greyjoy is daddy af and I am so here for it

Two good hands to choke me daddy

I’ve had enough of GoT’s bullshit, it’s time to resurrect Robb Stark now please

He was the only one worthy of the Iron Throne anyway