Serena Smith
Leeds Opinion Editor at The Tab

There’s an Instagram account dedicated to rating Old Bar potato stacks and we’re so here for it

Finally, some delicious fucking content

Leeds makes the list for the top ten best UK cities for student budget living

But is anyone really surprised?

They’re building an outdoor gym and parkour track on that random patch of grass opposite Royal Park Pub

Quick pint before some pull-ups?

It’s time to admit that Love from ‘You’ is the absolute worst

Not as bad as Joe, obviously, but the worst nonetheless

‘You’ season two showed us the seven totems of Los Angeles: But what are the seven totems of Leeds?

You probably won’t see a palm tree on fire around Hyde Park any time soon

A forgetful drug dealer left £62k worth of cocaine in Leeds JD Sports

Finders keepers????

There was an ad on Indeed looking for a nanny to help out an incoming fresher

We really wish this was satire

‘Frustrating as I can never see it from their angle’: What it’s like to love a Tory

‘Fuck the Tories’… except my Tory best friend

This Instagram is dedicated to finding the best salt and pepper chips in the country

Finally, some delicious fucking CONTENT

This Instagram account is dedicated to posting vintage pictures of Leeds

It’ll make you feel nostalgic for a city you didn’t even know

A man is going around Hyde Park shitting in gardens

We shit you not

Leeds students find dead rat in their toilet

They had to wait 24 hours for their landlord

Sad anniversaries are a thing and this is how people celebrate them

‘Here’s a post from one year ago today’ – but what if we’d rather forget?

Leeds students call fire brigade over chicken nuggets burnt in oven

They issued an apology to the whole of Manor Drive for the noise via LeedsFess

The Tab’s A to Z of Leeds: an alternative guide

From Akmal’s to Zulfi’s and everything in between

If you’re in Leeds this weekend, you can get a doughnut with Piers Morgan’s face on it


I put my mum in charge of my Tinder and turns out she’s better at pulling than me

Mums are ALWAYS right tbf

My first two weeks on antidepressants were the worst two weeks of my life

I felt like I was perpetually experiencing a drug overdose

These are the boys trying to pull on Toffee and they’re even more tragic than you’d expect

Didn’t find a single member of the royal family smh

The 20 hottest private schools have been revealed

See if yours made the cut