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Serena Smith
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‘We didn’t plan it at all’: We spoke the DJs behind THAT Leeds Uni Tickets livestream

Today Hyde Park, tomorrow – Berghain????

Champagne, Deliveroo, and FaceTime parties: the students celebrating birthdays in isolation

Pour one out for your Pisces and Aries mates

‘I’ve resigned myself to being stuck here’: Leeds students stranded abroad due to COVID-19

Leeds students aren’t getting uni advice fast enough to book their tickets home

You can now live in Sir Keir Starmer’s old student house in Hyde Park

Two minute walk from Sainsbury’s? We’re sold

Peggy Gou is playing at the Refectory and people have extremely mixed feelings about it

‘Peggy Gou at the Refectory is like throwing a rave at your nan’s house’

EXCLUSIVE: We spoke to the girl who rated her poo experience in every Leeds club

She even wrote us a poem

‘This is not ideal’: Ceiling collapses in student house in Hyde Park

There are live electrics hanging from the ceiling

There’s an Instagram account dedicated to rating Old Bar potato stacks and we’re so here for it

Finally, some delicious fucking content

Leeds makes the list for the top ten best UK cities for student budget living

But is anyone really surprised?

They’re building an outdoor gym and parkour track on that random patch of grass opposite Royal Park Pub

Quick pint before some pull-ups?

It’s time to admit that Love from ‘You’ is the absolute worst

Not as bad as Joe, obviously, but the worst nonetheless

‘You’ season two showed us the seven totems of Los Angeles: But what are the seven totems of Leeds?

You probably won’t see a palm tree on fire around Hyde Park any time soon

A forgetful drug dealer left £62k worth of cocaine in Leeds JD Sports

Finders keepers????

There was an ad on Indeed looking for a nanny to help out an incoming fresher

We really wish this was satire

‘Frustrating as I can never see it from their angle’: What it’s like to love a Tory

‘Fuck the Tories’… except my Tory best friend

This Instagram is dedicated to finding the best salt and pepper chips in the country

Finally, some delicious fucking CONTENT

This Instagram account is dedicated to posting vintage pictures of Leeds

It’ll make you feel nostalgic for a city you didn’t even know

Leeds students find dead rat in their toilet

They had to wait 24 hours for their landlord

I asked Leeds grads what they miss most about uni

Surprisingly, nobody misses Roger Stevens

Sad anniversaries are a thing and this is how people celebrate them

‘Here’s a post from one year ago today’ – but what if we’d rather forget?

Leeds students call fire brigade over chicken nuggets burnt in oven

They issued an apology to the whole of Manor Drive for the noise via LeedsFess

The Tab’s A to Z of Leeds: an alternative guide

From Akmal’s to Zulfi’s and everything in between

If you’re in Leeds this weekend, you can get a doughnut with Piers Morgan’s face on it


I put my mum in charge of my Tinder and turns out she’s better at pulling than me

Mums are ALWAYS right tbf

My first two weeks on antidepressants were the worst two weeks of my life

I felt like I was perpetually experiencing a drug overdose

These are the boys trying to pull on Toffee and they’re even more tragic than you’d expect

Didn’t find a single member of the royal family smh

The 20 hottest private schools have been revealed

See if yours made the cut

Love Island: Trash, or 21st century Shakespeare?

It’s like putting the Bard in a bikini

Why Dr. Alex and ‘nice guys’ will ALWAYS finish last

Can the NHS come and collect their man-child please

Leeds’ BNOC of the year 2018: round one

There can be only one winner

Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette 2017: Round three

The finest Leeds has to offer

All the struggles of having average-sized tits

This one goes out to all us 32Cs

Cultural appropriation isn’t just stupid – it’s dangerous

Now hear me out

Everything that happened around Christmas time at your embarrassingly posh private school

Mulled wine and nibbles anyone?

The men of Leeds told us when they last cried

Because boys do cry

How to nab a boyfriend this cuffing season

A step by step guide

Not to be dramatic but Fenty Beauty may just be the greatest thing to have ever happened

Soz Kylie

Sorry, but when did uni become a competition to see who’s worse off?

It’s okay to actually… be okay

You can hook up with guys on Instagram now so I guess Tinder is officially dead

Instagram is the only place worth taking your hoe-related business

Here’s what your Leeds halls Tinder bio would look like, if that were a thing that for some reason existed

Charles Morris? Instant swipe left

Euron Greyjoy is daddy af and I am so here for it

Two good hands to choke me daddy

I’ve had enough of GoT’s bullshit, it’s time to resurrect Robb Stark now please

He was the only one worthy of the Iron Throne anyway

Plan a Leeds night out and we’ll tell you which Game of Thrones house you’re in

Gutted if you’re a Bolton

The women of Game of Thrones reimagined as 21st century hoes

Cersei Lannister is kinky af

The 13th Doctor is a woman and naturally the internet can’t cope

Gentle reminder that the Doctor is literally an ALIEN

Anne Morris may have every right to say ‘the n-word’, but that doesn’t mean she should have

This isn’t ‘political correctness gone mad’, this is racism

Everything that inevitably happened at your school prom

Gutted if you got with a teacher

Sorry, but I just don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with Love Island

I’ve had enough

How to make a guy fall in love with you in Leeds

A foolproof guide

Don’t vote for Corbyn because you think it’s ‘indie’

There are better reasons to vote Labour

All the struggles of being a hoe

It’s a hard knock life

Snakes don’t hiss, they refuse to come out with you

What starts with s and rhymes with flake

Everything you know to be true if you’ve got a resting bitch face

Yes I promise I’m fine

LUU exec accused of serious infighting

They’ve been called out for their unprofessionalism

Theresa May was in Leeds yesterday and no one even cares

Literally not a single person

BBC3’s ‘Clique’ proves that girls supporting girls has never been more important

There’s no room for ‘individualistic’ feminism

13 Reasons Why is an insult to anyone with mental health issues

You can’t remedy depression with ‘love’

Things you’ll only know if you grew up in the countryside

You’re basically a massive nature-loving hippie

All the embarrassing poses you did as a teenager in the 2000s

All found in a Facebook album called ‘me and my friends XD’

Why I’m giving up boys for Lent

What are they good for? Absolutely nothing

Every type of private school guy you’ll meet at uni

You know the ones

Jacob Rees-Mogg reacting to memes of himself may be the purest thing ever

Alternatively it may be everything that is wrong with the world

Everything that will undoubtedly happen at Worcester’s Sin and Bushwackers

Sindenbush? Sindenbush

All the things you secretly miss about your mixed boarding school

Nudity was the norm in your boarding house

Valentine’s Day isn’t worst for singles, but it is for ‘half-couples’

The awkwardness is unbearable

Valentine’s Day isn’t worst for singles, but it is for ‘half-couples’

The awkwardness is unbearable

The hidden world of racism on Tinder

Please don’t tell me I’m ‘pretty for a mixed-race girl’

Sorry, but I just don’t get Effy Stonem

She’s got nothing on Jal

How to tell if a boy likes you: a literary edition

Here are all the common signs

All the struggles of having a long distance BFF

WhatsApp voice notes are life

Maybe a BA is easier than a BSc, but it’s still better

Who’s the real winner here?

How John Berger helped us to be feminists

He’s the guy that coined the ‘male gaze’

All the people you might kiss on New Years Eve

Or it could just be the floor

All the New Year’s resolutions you’ll fail this year

New year, same you

New Year’s resolutions from inspiring young women

Forget realising things, 2017 is the year we’re getting shit done

Am I a special snowflake, or do I just have opinions?

Apologies for being politically engaged

The things people genuinely say to me as a mixed-race woman must surely be a joke

Nope, they’re not

How to convince everyone at Leeds you aren’t utterly middle class

You can say goodbye to Waitrose for a start

Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette: Round three

There can only be one

Things you’ll experience at uni if you’re from the Midlands

Say you’re from Birmingham and leave it

What your choice of Leeds club night says about you

Should I say Canal Pills?

I’m genuinely glad I’m at Leeds instead of Oxbridge

Am I still a bit bitter? Probably

Over half of Leeds students think consent classes should be compulsory

38 per cent of girls at Leeds are victims of sexual assault

We need to stop demonising Trump supporters

Trump didn’t win the election, anti-globalisation did

Lest we remember: Why Remembrance Day has lost its meaning

How can I forget when there’s still so much conflict in the world?

Don’t panic, but it might snow in Leeds this week

We could see 4-8cm

I dress ‘for men’ – and it doesn’t make me any less of a feminist

To dress with the male gaze in mind is not to ‘play along with it’, by any means. It’s to challenge it

All the ways boarding school life prepares you for uni

‘Oh, you know Darce Hunter-Chesterton too? Our dads were at Oxford together!’

We’re too quick to brush off sexual assault when it’s by our friends

It was months before I accepted that my friend had assaulted me