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There was an ad on Indeed looking for a nanny to help out an incoming fresher

We really wish this was satire


Leeds has a small (read: big) reputation for being home to a sizeable number of posh and spoiled ex-private school fodder – everyone's heard stories about someone's friend's cousin's girlfriend who hired a personal assistant for uni, or even seen with their own eyes a flatmate that genuinely gets their mum to do their Ocado order for them. But have you ever wondered what could be the pinnacle of spoiled-brat-ness?

Well, it looks like they're coming to Leeds next year, and bringing a fucking nanny with them. Not a PA, not a chauffeur, not even a butler. A nanny.

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An Indeed job ad went up on December 27th looking for a "nanny" to "cook and clean" for the employer's 18-year-old daughter. It looks like she's going to be studying Law – a course so "demanding" it apparently requires the extra help of a nanny.

The soon-to-be fresher's mum goes on to assure any prospective nannies that the girl already "has a driver who can pick up the groceries and drive her around," so the nanny will simply be required to "ensure she eats well and lives without the stress of laundry [and] cleaning."

Again, applicants need not fret about their cooking skills – the girl's mum states the nanny "does not need to be a gourmet chef, simply someone who can ensure my daughter eats three healthy meals a day and the fridge is always full of healthy snacks, juice, etc."- God knows she's gonna need the orange juice when she starts rinsing MDMA two weeks in and forgets what happiness feels like.

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But why does she need a driver when she'll already live on campus? Well, turns out she actually lives in a two bedroom flat in the city centre.

Of course she fucking does.

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If you're still interested in applying, you might be wondering what experience you need. Helpfully, one year of babysitting is listed as desirable. Let's just hope she's toilet-trained, at least.

If you're interested in applying, the link is here.