I’ve had enough of GoT’s bullshit, it’s time to resurrect Robb Stark now please

He was the only one worthy of the Iron Throne anyway

Right. So we’re getting closer to finding out just who is going to be on the Iron Throne now, what with the White Walkers inching ever closer – it seems D&D are going to leave that potentially (and with Game of Thrones, when you say “potentially”, it will definitely, definitely happen) devastating conflict for the final, 8th season – meaning we’re going to find out who wins this war pretty soon. And to be honest, I’m not sure I want anyone to win.

Dany, we were rooting for you. We were all rooting for you. And now that you’re throwing some serious mood swings, it’s got me wondering if you’re just as cuckoo as your late dad. Cersei – babe, you were always mad. Jon Snow is still hot, granted, but 1. he doesn’t want to be king, and 2. he’s now sort of pissing me off with all this “the army of the dead are coming!!!” shit. We get it babe. (Even if Dany doesn’t).

Who else is in the running? Sansa maybe if she doesn’t betray Jon (if she does I will lose my shit 100%), but somehow I can’t see that happening. Littlefinger is obvs going to be killed by Arya, who’d be too busy being “no-one” to be Queen. Tyrion or Jaime? Somehow neither of those two seem plausible either. Varys? Gendry? Hot Pie? Fuck it, where’s Melisandre, we need to resurrect Robb Stark ASAP.

A soul too pure for this world, Robb Stark gave the biggest metaphorical finger ever to Walder Frey for the sake of love. He is literally the opposite of a fuckboy. Try getting pregnant on your first time with a lad and see how they take it. I doubt they’d marry you and dump their actual fiancée for you, unlike Robb, the absolute gem.

Can you imagine taking Robb home to your mum? She’d love him. He’d be so polite. He’d send a little notecard in the post a few days later to say ‘thank you for having me’. He’s the kind of guy your grandma would describe as ‘dishy’ before making a cringe-but-cute pass at him. Even your dad would like him.

Imagine him on the Iron Throne. He’s sane, a good leader, hot, clever, respected, hot, from a noble family, experienced, hot. Just imagine it. It’s a pretty sight. I bet there’d be peace in Westeros forever with him in charge. How could you disobey that precious puppy-dog face? Honestly – compared to any other contender, living or dead, I reckon Robb Stark is our best bet for lasting peace in the Seven Kingdoms. He’s also incredibly hot, which helps.

So, yeah, Melisandre, care to work some magic here?