Here’s what your Leeds halls Tinder bio would look like, if that were a thing that for some reason existed

Charles Morris? Instant swipe left

Leeds’ halls all have their stereotypes: cushy mummy’s boys in Charles Morris; edgy ex-private school kids in Dev; unbelievably unstoppable sesh heads in James Bailie. But what would they look like, manifested into Actual Human Beings™ tapping into the wonderful world of Tinder?

Charles Morris

Old Stoic but not a posh twat honestly haha

Egg chaser ???

I’ll get you a cooked breakfast using my Refectory meal card x

Devonshire Hall

just a glittery gal looking for some fun ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨ ✨

brand ambassador for the gypsy shrine ?

techno d&b n disco ????

James Bailie

Just got back from a gap yah in Thailand

Don’t be boring

Music junkie, love travelling, hate negative people. Looking for someone to take to Australia next year x

DJ, find me on soundcloud @ jamesbailie97 x

Central Village

Selling tickets for Donuts !!!! ????

Big fan of Red Stripe, glitter, and ket. Buy me a Crispy’s and I’ll love you forever x

hardly go to uni even though it’s literally on my doorstep loool

Just looking for booty calls tbh ???? Hmu x


You can’t get to know the real me from some pictures and a bio, so I guess you’ll just have to swipe right?

Montague Burton


Looking for anything! 🙂

Mixtape by night, hungover Peep Show marathon by morning. Maybe you’re The One?

Study English. Love dogs and cooking. Swipe right?



Been messed about by too many lads so now I’m looking for something steady and serious x

Don’t hate on the dog filter :/ I’m not a hoe x

Message me first 😉

Ideal date: The Botanist then snuggles in bed ❤️

The Tannery

Medic so good luck finding a time to go on a date. Up for literally anything x

Yes that was probs me you saw in Warehouse last night. Also a rep for Mischief x

Hate small talk, let’s grab a drink … or ten?

Henry Price

Perfect date: romantic walk through the graveyard

What I lack in looks I make up for in personality

No one has ever actually met anyone in Henry Price, so maybe I can be your first?