Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette: Round three

There can only be one


As the battle of the bachelorettes continues, have a scroll and witness Leeds’ finest, as nominated by you. Remember to pick your fave and cast your vote – it all counts.

Annabel Smith, second year, Business Management

A typical Manchester girl, Annabel loves a big night out and a drink. She’s even been known to go out alone. Annabel’s type? A man with a Nando’s discount card. Failing the discount card, Annabel is open-minded when it comes to men who spend excessive amounts of money on chicken nuggets or glitter.

She’s a flyer in the 1st team cheer squad and you might have spotted her flipping in the air at Varsity. You’ve probably seen her at Warehouse, where she once tried to order chicken nuggets from the bar, refusing to leave until they served her. Dedication. Rumour has it she’s the fresher who once got an uber from Fruity at the union to Charles Morris

Kate Sloane – third year, English

London’s fashionable Sloane Square is named after Katie’s family, and the connections don’t just stop there: her dad is head of ITV Sports, which means she could land you executive tickets to some sporting events. Often spotted in Terrace or Warehouse, Katie is reportedly a ‘real crowd favourite’ with ‘a lovely, big pair of eyes’.

Kate was Queen of Charles Morris in 1st year, but now is queen of hyde park. The only position she really deserves however is bachelorette of leeds. A modest girl, Katie said ‘I was completely shocked when I told I had been nominated!’, before going on to say ‘I guess I’ll take it as a compliment but not too sure what my ex boyfriend will think about when he sees this’.

Justine Redwood, second year, Spanish and Management 

Despite having a name that resembles a character from Tracy Beaker, Justine’s eligibility as a bachelorette is evidenced in her starring on this season’s ‘Dating in the Dark’ on ITV2. When she’s not on telly, Justine can be found working diligently as a LUBS Committee Member. To add to her many list of talents, she also plays development netball.

One to work hard and play hard, you’ll see her at Fruity most Fridays. She once even ended up in the Fruity medical centre after an Otley run. She also ended up in A&E having fallen down the stairs during her Freshers’ Week, and more recently sprained her ankle cartwheeling outside Players. A girl who lives life on the edge, clearly. Her reaction to this nomination: “I’m not surprised really. I’m very eligible.”

Alex Huston – first year, Forensic Psychology 

According to her mates, Alex was once a date in which she was Catfished, and in order to leave she faked a phone call saying her hamster had died. Convincing. On another occasion, Alex was hungry so she put some  put cream crackers in her purse so she could eat them in the queue to get into Pryzm, needless to say she got some funny looks. Alex should win because she’s one of the “nicest, most caring people you’ll ever meet, despite her having a serious resting bitch face.”

She’s smart and not to mention stunning, and she races cars. What more could a man want?