The 13th Doctor is a woman and naturally the internet can’t cope

Gentle reminder that the Doctor is literally an ALIEN

Jodie Whittaker has just been announced as the next star of Doctor Who, and whilst the announcement of any new Doctor is guaranteed to stir up a bit of commotion, this is arguably the most controversial choice to date. Why? All because of the simple fact that Whittaker is a woman. Naturally, the internet lost its shit. It was cheering to see women, young and old alike, celebrate Whittaker’s success and embrace a Doctor that they can perhaps better empathise with. Likewise it was cheering to see men welcome the change.

But, of course, there are the few who just don’t think it’s “right”. And what are the arguments for a male Doctor? They’re paper-thin – they’re basically non-existent. There’s a smattering of fifty-something year olds taking the “I’ve watched this show since I was a baby and this isn’t how it’s meant to be done” line, but that just leaves me asking – so what? My dad falls into that age bracket too and he’s thrilled.

Some suggest that the change would be akin to making James Bond or Spider-Man into a woman. “Some roles are just meant for men”. Whilst that’s a problematic statement anyway, let’s run with it – surely, if there ever was a role that was NOT meant for a man, or a woman, or any binary definition, it would be the Doctor. The Doctor has been played by men, sure, but the character changes with the actor. Matt Smith’s goofy take on the role was a far cry from John Pertwee’s proactive incarnation which in turn was different to David Tennant’s slightly more tortured Doctor. In fact, the defining characteristics of each Doctor have next to nothing to do with gender. Jodie Whittaker may come to be described as a “brave” or “clever” or “funny” Doctor – I doubt she’ll be described as “feminine”. The Doctor runs deeper than that.

“This sacrifices reality and continuity for the sake of political correctness” some may say, but even then, the argument doesn’t work. Firstly, since Eccleston, the Doctor has made remarks on wanting to become a woman, so this isn’t totally out of the blue. Secondly, did the Master not return as a woman this past series, portrayed by the masterly Michelle Gomez? Did it not go exceedingly well – largely due to her abilities as an actor, little to do with whether she was a man or s woman? Thirdly – the Doctor, at the end of the day, is a fucking alien. An alien, thousands of years old, who defies the laws of physics and battles space monsters with nothing more than a blue phone box and a fucking magic screwdriver. And you think the Doctor’s GENDER matters?

With over fifty years of production, screenplay from some of Britain’s most talented writers, and thirteen doctors, they know what they’re doing. And it’ll become clear that the best actor won the role – regardless of her gender.