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Peggy Gou is playing at the Refectory and people have extremely mixed feelings about it

‘Peggy Gou at the Refectory is like throwing a rave at your nan’s house’

Everyone's buzzed for Inner City Electronic as once again Leeds plays host to a huge variety of DJs who'll be doing sets all over the city and taking over some of our most iconic venues – but Or:la, Ralph Lawson, Orbital, and Peggy Gou will be playing in none other than The Refectory.

The Refectory is, of course, a refectory – it's where Charles Morris students go to eat and be insufferably posh together. So naturally, eyebrows were raised when Peggy Gou was listed as playing there.

"Please please please don't put Peggy Gou on in the Refectory it's the worst venue," a comment under the post reads.

"Deeeead the Refectory is the worst venue in Leeds" says another.

People then took to Leeds Uni Tickets to try and form a petition against putting acts in the Refectory. Ashleigh Jerman wrote in her post calling for action against this decision – "Peggy Gou at the Refectory is like throwing a rave at your nan's house."

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But not everyone's so enraged – some see the sense behind the decision. Callum Simpson posted a screenshot of the blue plaque outside the Ref commemorating The Who's iconic 1970 Valentine's Day performance there, with the caption "Not like it's a historic music venue or anything."

Joe Burns also commented. "Carl Cox and loads more [have] played there over [the] years", he says. "It's how you use the space not the space itself."

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It is true – the Ref has played host to acts bigger than Peggy Gou in its time. Since the 70s, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Elton John, and The Rolling Stones have played there, so perhaps the Ref is due some respect.

And it might not be so bad – at least if you get peckish mid-set you can pop off to scran some chips for a bit.

The Inner City Electronic team have since responded, saying:

"The decision to use The Refectory was made due to it's rich musical history as one of the most important music halls in the city, playing host to an incredible array of artists.

"We want to provide audiences with the best experience possible, therefore utilising a bigger space such as The Refectory allows more attendees to see headline performances from Peggy Gou & Orbital, whilst also limiting queue times and allowing for the larger scale production necessary for live electronic performances such as Orbital.

"We do appreciate that the venue is used as a real refectory during the day and is now rarely used for events of this nature, however the space has the potential to be transformed into an outstanding music venue.

"We look forward to adding inner city electronic to it’s extraordinary musical history and welcoming attendees to come and see the venues full potential.”