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Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette 2017: Round three

The finest Leeds has to offer


Leeds is one of the fittest unis in the country, but here are the lovely ladies boosting up our average. Not only are they solid 10s, but they all have banging personalities too. Here they are:

Eleanor King, third year, Economics

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This glitter queen has had a pretty miserable love life since her dick boyfriend cheated on her. But she's always down for a good time and is the perfect balance of classy and party. A cheerleader extraordinaire, the key to her heart is literally any item from PINK and a Jaegerbomb.

Eleanor says: "“Just want to thank my mum and dad for giving me good genes, shame about my poor taste in DJs and club promoters."

Ellie Newton, third year, Music

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What do Ellie's friends say about her? "I've never met someone who's managed to keep their chill and look so good."

We asked Ellie how she felt about her nomination: "Maybe this will help me on my quest to find a sugar daddy".

Hannah Drury, third year, History of Art

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Hannah's nomination reads: 'she's peng, full stop'. Fair play.

When asked about her nomination, Hannah said 'sweet life'.

Jessica Massey, second year, International Business

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When she isn't locking herself in cupboards at parties or going out with odd shoes on, Jess is a great laugh. She's keen with her hobbies, and can ski AND sail! In her friends' words, 'she is quite frankly a peng 5'10 and we all don't know why some lovely very tall rugby boy hasn't swept her off her feet yet'.

When asked how she felt about her nomination, Jess says she's 'thankful and relieved. Now my friends might stop calling me the real life Bridget Jones'.

Sarah West, fourth year, Food Science and Nutrition

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Apparently everyone knows Sarah as 'the crazy one from Sheffield', but she works hard AND plays hard – she's the full package. If she was three pizza toppings, she'd be meatballs, pepperoni, and sweetcorn. If she's not crying about Little Mix post-sesh, she can be found on Level 11 of Eddy B sporting some serious hoops (she only got her ears pierced three months ago!). She's a party girl who can only be tamed by the right boy. Don't be shy boys – she certainly isn't.

When asked if she had any comments about her nomination, Sarah said she 'wasn't surprised'.

Natalie Cass, second year, Chemistry

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Natalie's friends say she's 'gorg' and that she's been nominated because she 'needs a man to calm her down from her wild ways'.

Natalie is 'so humbled to have received this honour' and says 'big thanks to all my fans much love'.

Zoe Henderson, third year, Geology

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Zoe's apparently got brains AND beauty, so what more could you want?

When asked how she felt about being nominated, she said 'it's about time really'.

Becky Fairclough, second year, Filmmaking

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Becky is a fun loving girl from Bolton who "loves nothing more than a boogie and a bev (apart from Pitbull)". Apparently if you wanna be able to have a good night out, you have to invite her along, so if that doesn't get your votes then nothing will.

When we told Becky about her nomination, she simply said: "I’m doing this for Verne". Lucky Verne.

Charlotte Doleman, second year, Psychology

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According to her friends, Charlotte should be your most eligible bachelorette because of "her peng bum and peng personality". She's also apparently always up "for a boogie in the club and in the sheets". We'll leave that one for you guys to find out.

When we told her about her nomination, Charlotte asked: "can I put this on my CV?" Yes. Yes you can.

Georgia Ellis, fourth year, Management

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Georgia is apparently Leeds' very own Taylor Swift – "treat her right or it's your name that she'll write".

When we told her about her nomination, Georgia said: “what a pleasant surprise! I got scouted for the Undateables last week and my parents thought I was the undateable – this will set their worries at ease”.