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Leeds makes the list for the top ten best UK cities for student budget living

But is anyone really surprised?


According to recent analysis by leading student accommodation providers Liberty Living, Leeds is the 7th most student-budget-friendly city in the UK.

The project analysed data such as the number of charity shops and budget supermarkets in close proximity to the university, as well as the cost of an annual university gym membership, the cost of a burger and a pint, and the cost of two cinema tickets.

Perhaps surprisingly, Edinburgh came out in first place. Five northern cities made the list, out of which Leeds placed fourth, just ahead of Newcastle. Unfortunately we were just pipped at the post by Manchester, Sheffield, and Liverpool.

The rankings are as follows:

1. Edinburgh

2. Coventry

3. Manchester

4. Glasgow

5. Sheffield

6. Liverpool

7. Leeds

8. Newcastle

9. Birmingham

10. Wolverhampton

In total, Leeds came out with 13 charity shops and 11 budget supermarkets. The price of an annual uni gym membership stands at £187, the price of a burger and pint at £7.25, and the cost of two cinema tickets at £20.

The study also complemented Leeds on the range of fresh produce found at Leeds Kirkgate market – which also holds the title of Europe's largest indoor market.

We reckon Leeds ought to be number one, especially when more student-friendly gym options like Xercise4Less exist and Hyde Park Picture House offers a discount to students for cheap cinema tickets. And more importantly, the fact remains that the £4.50 Old Bar potato stack is potentially the greatest bargain out there.

But we'll take our spot at no. seven for now and we're chuffed to have made the top ten.