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‘You’ season two showed us the seven totems of Los Angeles: But what are the seven totems of Leeds?

You probably won’t see a palm tree on fire around Hyde Park any time soon

Everyone’s talking about You. But in case you’ve been living under a rock – season two recently aired and was set in Los Angeles. One particular moment which seems to capture L.A. beautifully came in episode six when Joe is told that there are Seven Totems of Los Angeles and only when you witness all seven do you become a TRUE Angeleno.

We're (obviously) not from L.A., but this weird list of seven ‘totems’ got us thinking – if You was set in Leeds and Joe was a Uni Of student, what would the seven totems have been then?

1) THAT green puffa

You know the one. The Urban Outfitters one. It’s even got its own Instagram account, but we reckon you have to see it in person for it to count.

2) Quidditch Society in action

Another thing to spot on Woodhouse Moor. You’ll be transfixed when you eventually spot this lot swanning about shouting "pass me the Quaffle!"

3) A drug deal

Although this doubtless happens every day, to stumble across one in real life is somewhat rare. Just seen someone get in and out of a car in the space of ten seconds? Check this off your list.

4) A Peaky Blinders Otley run

Otley runs are common, but a Peaky Blinders Otley run is just SO Leeds somehow. Is this an appropriation of Brummy culture?? Who even cares.

5) A half-eaten battered sausage on the pavement

One day you'll walk into uni and see a sad-looking battered sausage on Victoria Road and know you're one step closer to becoming a true Leeds uni student. We don't make the rules.

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6) A Leedsfess with your initials

It may take you up to three years but you’re only a real Leeds student once you’ve seen something akin to "SS I want you to batter my sausage x" with your own initials. And even then it probably isn't even about you.

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7) An empty Bakery 164

A slightly jarring experience when it happens. Which is weird because the usual 12-2 rush is highly stressful. But although stress-free, it just isn’t the same when it’s empty. Nevertheless, it’s something everyone needs to experience once.