Theresa May was in Leeds yesterday and no one even cares

Literally not a single person

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Theresa May was in Leeds yesterday, in an attempt to appeal to Labour voters with uncertainties surrounding Corbyn.

She gave a speech in the Leeds North East constituency – a seat held by Labour since 1997. Fabian Hamilton, the current MP, boasts a Labour majority of over 7,000.

She argued that though Leeds is largely a traditional Labour area, voters would be voting for Jeremy Corbyn, and not “the Labour Party” as such. The speech reportedly went down well – though perhaps unsurprising as she addressed a room mainly comprising of staunch Tories. Hardly representative of the diverse and largely working-class area of Harehills.

May has been criticised for leaving Leeds without really engaging with its inhabitants or, indeed, its vast student population, many of whom doubtless would have been interested in seeing her.

But it is also safe to assume that, of course, there will be many students who really couldn’t give two shits. It’s doubtful that a woman who promised not to call a General Election – and then called one – could really persuade any 20-something-year-old Corbynite not to put a cross in the Labour box on June 8.