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What item from your Christmas dinner is your Uni of Leeds halls?

All I want for Christmas is food

Which Love Actually character belongs in your Leeds uni halls?

There’s a clear answer for Oxley

Rachel Riley edits anti-apartheid message on T-shirt accusing Jeremy Corbyn of racism

Many have called for her to be sacked by Channel 4

A new coffee shop in Hyde Park is giving away free donuts on Thursday

No, you haven’t read that wrong

Want to escape the city? Here’s our favourite places for a day out near Leeds

A Yorkshire pub + good grub = the perfect day out

Hyde Park students get £4,500 compensation after having their gas cut off for nearly two weeks

Students 1-0 Landlords

Sex crazed Daddy long legs set to invade Leeds student houses

U up?

Freshers, here are the reasons why you chose to study your uni degree

Because nobody’s in it for the career

A 17-year-old girl has died at Leeds Festival

A 17-year-old boy has been taken to custody under suspicion of supplying the drugs

Hold on a second, did someone say free Nando’s in Leeds!?

Yes my friend, yes they did …

Here are all the Leeds related social media accounts you should waste your time reading

Procrastination at its finest

A foolproof guide to finding the perfect student house in Leeds

Sorry but it is more stressful than you think

We asked students from other universities what they think of Leeds and this is what they said

Ok, so maybe we aren’t all as ‘edgy’ as we thought

I replied to Tinder boys with the exact same responses for two months

If they’re going to be unoriginal, so am I

A list of all the struggles you face when you adjust to grad life

Going out isn’t as fun when you have to wake up at 6am

Try not to panic: Leeds’ very own Sir David Attenborough Day is coming

Yep, it’s actually happening.

Behind the scenes at Light Night Leeds

Leeds fest has NOTHING on this light festival tbh

Here are the cringiest posts from the Leeds Freshers pages

‘Wait, you’re in A block too?’

It’s time to join the team: Write for The Tab Leeds

Are you a budding journalist or just a student with a lot of opinions? Come join us!

Welcome to Leeds freshers, here are the people you’re going to meet

You’ll be a Hyde Park wanker soon