Euron Greyjoy is daddy af and I am so here for it

Two good hands to choke me daddy

Euron first appeared on our screens in back in Season 6, kind of attractive, kind of crazy. We last saw him chucking his brother off a bridge and becoming King of the Iron Islands, so, you know, usual Thrones antics. Then into Season 7 he swept with a haircut that changed the game. Euron is now daddy af.

What is they say about a man in uniform? Strictly speaking I’m not sure pirates have a strict ‘uniform’ as such, but Euron just looks so damn good in all that pirate-y attire. And that accent. Just imagine him whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Or, you know, not-so-sweet nothings – he is daddy after all.

Everyone loves a bad boy, don’t they? And Euron is the ultimate bad boy. Euron makes the acts of Ramsay Bolton look like child’s play. He’s a real man. With two good hands!

Most boys leave you on read, flake on you, and don’t like your Insta posts. Euron Greyjoy, however, would raise a fleet with a thousand ships for you, capture that bitch you hate and her daughter, and offer to please you sexually. I’m not joking when I say that Euron is not only daddy but hubby material. Wife me daddy.

And can I just say – how considerate of him to ask Jaime what Cersei likes. When was the last time a guy was so eager to please you that he asked your lover/brother about your kinks? When was the last time someone was willing to put ‘a finger up the bum’ for you? You probably would let Euron put a finger up there just because he is daddy goals and you know what you’d probably like it with him anyway.

So, yeah, choke me daddy Euron, with your two good hands.