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This Instagram account is dedicated to posting vintage pictures of Leeds

It’ll make you feel nostalgic for a city you didn’t even know

If there's one thing absolutely every student in Leeds has in common, it's that we all love Leeds. Some of us even call it home, although your mum and dad would choke if they heard you say so.

Despite most students only living in Leeds for a few years, there's a new Instagram account which is making us all feel nostalgic for the Leeds of forty odd years ago – a Leeds we never even knew.

While the photographer, Peter Mitchell, posts photos from all over Leeds – including suburbs rarely visited by students – it's fun to spot more recognisable places on his feed every once in a while.

Hyde Park features a lot on the page, so it's worth having a scroll and seeing if you can spot your road.

While all these pictures were taken long before we were born, it's enough to make anyone feel nostalgic for Leeds.

In an era where Instagram feeds can often make you feel awful and anxious, we seriously suggest that you all follow for a refreshing insight into the city we all love.