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I asked Leeds grads what they miss most about uni

Surprisingly, nobody misses Roger Stevens

Yeah, you'll undoubtedly spend all of final year panicking about how much you'll miss Leeds – but what about once you've actually made it to the other side?

The Tab spoke to some recent grads to find out what everyone's missing most about the true capital of the north.

Anna, 22, Medical Sciences

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"I miss having friends within walking distance and not living in the middle of nowhere!"

Gemma, 22, History

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"Belgrave 2-4-1 pizza!"

James, 22, Computer Science

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"I genuinely miss the Old Bar veggie breakfast. Old Bar in general tbh – I used to think a meal and a pint in there was expensive until I moved to London."

Serena, 21, English

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"I really miss the mozzarella and proscuitto Bakery 164 and of course I miss all my friends!"

Bethany, 22, Medical Sciences

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"I miss being able to go to my mates' rooms and steal their clothes. And I miss ordering pizza with them!"

Emma, 22, Management

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"Everything, I miss everything; even those grotty 12 year old kings that used to hang about uni and terrorise people twice their age."

Whatever you're doing at uni, make sure you take it all in while it lasts – you're going to miss it soon enough!