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This Instagram is dedicated to finding the best salt and pepper chips in the country

Finally, some delicious fucking CONTENT

We all love a Chinese, and everyone knows the main attraction is always salt and pepper chips.

But as any connoisseur will know, it's a struggle to find the best of the best. Somewhere with the perfect onion to pepper to chip ratio; somewhere with crispy outsides and fluffy insides; somewhere with spice, but not too much spice.

Well, two girls have made it their mission to find the best salt and pepper chips out there: @saltandpepperchippage.

The owners of the page, Bex and Leo, have made an impressive dent in the market so far, with 55 posts rating 55 establishments.

The girls have a good system: they give each batch an overall rating, as well as a rating for tastiness, crispiness, and chip to onion to pepper ratio.

Next time you find yourself wondering where to go for the best S&P chips out there, head over to their Insta and browse their selection.

Now I'm craving a takeaway, thanks girls.