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There’s an Instagram account dedicated to rating Old Bar potato stacks and we’re so here for it

Finally, some delicious fucking content

Everyone loves Old Bar potato stacks. It's an incredible concept, really: choose your potato, choose your toppings, choose your sauce. Genius.

For those of you that are unenlightened: Old Bar serve "potato stacks" at £4.50 for a single serve and £8 for a sharer (but tbh you could easily demolish one of these on your own). The concept is that you choose your potato base from the options of curly fries, fries, or sweet potato fries – but seriously curly fries are the only reason option – and then choose two toppings. Options range from pulled pork to three bean chilli.

Finally, you choose your sauce, and again the options are limitless – by which we mean ten – and stretch from gravy to salsa.

Nobody's got a bad word to say about potato stacks. But apparently no one loves them more than the self-professed "stack addicts" behind the @ratemystack Insta.

Be warned, even a quick glance at this account will leave you salivating over curly fries drenched in tomato sauce.

All stacks are rated out of ten, with occasional separate ratings for different categories, such as aesthetic, chip to topping ratio, sloppiness, and taste cohesion.

Choosing a potato stack can often be an overwhelming process, so this account is a great way to suss out what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting #stacked.

They share a lot of vegan stack ideas too which is great if you're craving a tasty stack in the middle of Veganuary.

Old Bar seriously need to hire the minds behind this Insta for their marketing team. A harmless scroll through their feed will result in you begging your housemates to meet you for lunch in Old Bar tomorrow. And we're fine with that, tbh.

Get us a sharer portion of curly fries topped with three bean chilli, vegan cheese, and sriracha. Thanks!