Sorry, but I just don’t get why everyone is so obsessed with Love Island

I’ve had enough

My hatred of Love Island spawned literally as soon as the show began last year. It started in the middle of my A Levels, where I spent whole days cooped up inside, slaving over textbooks, practically crying 24/7. Barrages of people would bombard my door (yes, really, my actual door) continually: ‘Love Island is on!’, ‘do you want to watch Love Island?’, ‘come and watch Love Island!!!!’. My answer was constantly, unflinchingly, unchangingly: no.

From what I’d heard, it was sort of like Big Brother but with more sex. Sounded average at best. Maybe it was because my first memories of the show’s existence are twinned with my days of generally being an irritable sod, but I’ve just never got it.

Why do people enjoy watching something so cringe? I get the whole trashy TV thing – I will easily binge-watch hours worth of Keeping Up With The Kardashians – I get that you’re meant to watch it slack-jawed, glassy-eyed, hypnotised by the fake tan and six packs. But there’s just nothing to it. The Kardashians at least are sort of enigmatic – Love Island contestants are just… painfully boring?

Worst of all, the show seems to have spawned even more self-loathing amongst young girls – as if they haven’t suffered enough. So many young women are now drawing parallels between themselves and the glowing, toned girls that appear on the show. Of course they’ve all been working out and dieting and are all made up for promo shots, but is anyone really thinking that when they turn on the telly and are faced with a hoard of impossibly beautiful women?

Why are there so many tweets dedicated to this god awful show? ‘Camilla is the purest person to ever walk the earth’ – from what I’ve gleaned from tweets, she seems to be a fairly decent individual, don’t get me wrong, but if sheer decency is praised to such an extent, then what can be said for the other contestants? I don’t think anyone can scarcely look at their Twitter feed without seeing an unwelcome smattering of garbage about who’s doing what/who’s doing who ‘on the island’.

And frankly – who cares? Aren’t there more important things going on in the world? Millennial ‘whining’ may get annoying, but give me a thousand political outbursts over one tweet about this trash TV show any day.