LUU exec accused of serious infighting

They’ve been called out for their unprofessionalism

The LUU exec are facing criticisms of infighting over their support of the “Why is my curriculum white?” campaign and their use of social media publicly displaying the dispute. Their alleged unprofessionalism has raised concerns amongst some students.

The controversy  follows an alleged incident on LUU’s recent video for the ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’ campaign, where Education Officer Melz and Activties Offcier Taiwo Ogunyinka apparently called out an ex-student for alleged racism. This raised suggestions that they were personally attacking this ex-student after a comment he made was deemed racist.

In a further incident, Melz reportedly told Equality and Diversity Officer Emma Healey “your whiteness is violent” after Emma supposedly tried to use Melz’s work in a job interview about the BME attainment gap.

Yesterday Melz tweeted her frustration over the incident, before deleting the tweets and subsequently her account.

The thread raised concerns about the exec’s cohesion, with Melz pointing out how other members in the exec essentially had to be told to back the ‘Why is my Curriculum White’ campaign. She points out Emma in particular as failing to congratulate her, emphasising her role as a ‘white Equality and Diversity officer’.

The controversy surrounds some members of the exec’s support for the “Why is my curriculum white?” campaign

An anonymous source told The Tab, “I have heard many students complain about the state of the immature and over-politicised exec and it is of concern that they are disengaging students and focusing on each other and one-upping students they disagree with, rather than focusing on their jobs.”

The Tab reached out to both Melz and Emma for comment and has not received a response at the time of publishing.