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You can now live in Sir Keir Starmer’s old student house in Hyde Park

Two minute walk from Sainsbury’s? We’re sold

There is a room available in Keir Starmer's old student house in Hyde Park, The Leeds Tab can reveal, so you can live where the Labour leader candidate once did.

When it comes to Leeds alumni, most of the emphasis seems to be on Corinne Bailey Rae and Chris Pine, but our humble university was actually the alma mater of two of the recent Labour leadership contestants – Jess Phillips and Keir Starmer.

Although Jess Phillips dropped out of the contest a few weeks ago, Sir Keir's been campaigning hard in the final leg of the leadership race.

If you've been on social media, it's likely you've seen the video of him campaigning in Yorkshire, featuring a visit to Leeds uni to talk to students.

Keir graduated with a first class Law degree from Leeds in 1985, and he says he's since been "really really fond of Leeds."

Really enjoyed going back to my former university in Leeds to talk to students about why I first became a human rights lawyer. #AnotherFutureIsPossible

Really enjoyed going back to my former university in Leeds to talk to students about why I first became a human rights lawyer. #AnotherFutureIsPossible

Posted by Keir Starmer on Friday, February 14, 2020

While refreshing to hear that Keir enjoyed his time here, most Leeds students will want to know the more nitty-gritty stuff. What was his favourite pub? Did he ever do an Otley Run? Did he ever go to Beaver Works? And, most importantly, where did he live?

Well, the answer to that is 22 Chestnut Avenue, the street infamously dubbed "the most burgled street in Britain". But it's also literally two minutes away from the Brudenell Saino's, so we reckon it's worth the moderate risk of getting your Macbook stolen.

And here's the kicker: There's a room going in that very house.

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The Leeds Tab managed to catch up with a recent resident of No. 22, Elizabeth Shanks. Totally coincidentally, Elizabeth is a law student herself, as are two of the other current residents of No. 22.

"Having studied law and Keir having opened the law school […] it was a bit surreal to discover he'd lived in our house!"

Elizabeth says her and her housemates were not aware of their house's connection to the Labour leadership candidate. "We didn't know 'til we saw the video," she says.

As for the room up for grabs, if you're interested – Elizabeth has recently moved out of the property, which means you can now live in her old room, in Keir Starmer's ex-student digs.

"I dropped out of uni, I'm starting again in Newcastle in September," she says. "I've got my tenancy advertised but no luck so far!"

Looking to fill a space in a six-bed house on one of Hyde Park's best (albeit most burgled) roads? Keen to live right by the 24-hour Saino's and the Picture House? A Keir Starmer megafan just looking to bask in his glory and live in his old gaff?

As for Elizabeth herself, The Leeds Tab were keen to know if she would be voting for the Labour leader candidate in the coming elections. Will it be Keir? "I am a member of the Labour Party and will be voting in the leadership election but for Rebecca Long-Bailey, not Keir Starmer". Yikes. Guess not.

If you're keen to fill the room, the details can be found here. Good luck!