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A forgetful drug dealer left £62k worth of cocaine in Leeds JD Sports

Finders keepers????

A man has been imprisoned after leaving a plastic carrier bag full of £62,000 worth of cocaine in JD Sports in the White Rose Centre.

The bag was discovered by a member of staff who immediately informed a manager. The police were then contacted and were able to trace the man via CCTV footage of him getting into a taxi.

Leeds Crown Court reported that the man, named as Thomas Newsome, had come back to the JD Sports store once he realised his mistake and began searching for the bag.

He asked a shop assistant about the bag's whereabouts, insisting that both himself and the shop assistant would be 'in a lot of trouble', before leaving empty handed.

The larger plastic bag was ultimately found harbouring 779g of 90 per cent purity cocaine, divided into 28 baggies.

Newsome pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine with intent to supply and was sentenced to five years and four months in prison.