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Why Dr. Alex and ‘nice guys’ will ALWAYS finish last

Can the NHS come and collect their man-child please

Dr. Alex has been one of the most polarising figures on this year's Love Island. A bit of a Marmite figure, those that loved him adored his cute, geeky ways, wanting to shelter him like a puppy from the savageries and trauma of the cutthroat life in the villa. But those that hated him did so with vitriol – seeing through this apparent 'nice guy' facade and accusing him of putting up this clueless act to garner sympathy and affection from the girls.

Until recently, I was in the former camp. An awkward guy, true, but his heart's in the right place, surely? He just hasn't met the right girl yet, but when he does he'll treat her with respect and cherish her, right?

When Alexandra walked in – a beautiful girl with her head clearly screwed on (often a rarity in the villa) – I thought this fairytale narrative that the nation had envisioned for Alex would finally become reality. And their couple name created itself – Alex squared! Adorable!!!

But enter New Laura and Dr. Alex's head spun. He instantly began to emotionally neglect Alexandra, which did not go unnoticed by her. His treatment of her was cruel and callous – cockily declaring to the boys that she was probably more into him than he was into her, he went on, unabashed, attempting to chirpse New Laura with some poor chat about skiing that sounded the dry small talk of two 50 year old parents waiting to collect their respective children at the private school gates.

It's enough to make anyone do a double take. Is this the same bumbling Dr. Alex that wanted to get croissants at the beach club, now transformed into some monstrous casanova? This cutesy little man-boy, now pieing off a solid 11/10 in pursuit of a fit blonde surfer? What universe is this?

Thing is – Alex is allowed to not fancy Alexandra back. He doesn't owe her anything. We recently saw New Jack end things with the Old Laura for the new one too, but there's been nowhere near as much energy for that debacle. So why with Dr. Alex?

Because New Jack never sat around and moped whenever he didn't get his way. Because he didn't harbour such blatant double standards. None of the other boys currently in the villa have acted entitled to any of the girls in the way that Alex has. Whether he was throwing a fit when Ellie didn't reciprocate feelings or just perpetually whining about his hard luck, Alex has constantly been trying to style himself as the quintessential nice guy. And that's exactly what he is – except the reality is that self-styled 'nice guys' aren't so nice after all.

Any girl who's fallen for a guy who brands himself as 'misunderstood', 'unlucky in love', or just as a 'nice guy' will know this all too well – but guys who've been alone for a long time have usually been alone for a reason. With Alex, now, the reasons are becoming all too clear. Throwing his toys out the pram when it's his turn to be rejected, but jumping down Alexandra's throat and making it all about himself when she dares open up about her upset?

Alexandra, honey, I think you've dodged a childish, sunburnt, toxic bullet.