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Leeds students find dead rat in their toilet

They had to wait 24 hours for their landlord


Picture the scene: you've had a heavy night, it's 1pm, you've decided to finally move from the safety of your bedroom. The bathroom seems like a good place to start your recovery. You shuffle in, ready to make yourself feel a bit more alive again, ready for the day. You glance into the toilet and there's a giant fucking RAT.

For some students on Queens Road, that's exactly what happened.

The Tab spoke to Hannah, one of the unlucky housemates that had to deal with waking up to the dead rat floating in the bog.

"Paige [another housemate] found it when she woke up after a heavy night – just what you wanna see.

"She screamed and ran into my room to tell me, then all of our housemates crowded round the toilet to stare at it. We could see its eyes."

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Naturally, they called their landlord immediately. "He said 'sorry I'm not here until tomorrow' and claimed that this kind of thing 'just happens sometimes'.

"Paige left the house immediately to stay with someone until it's removed."

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A completely understandable response. But Hannah's still clinging to some optimism. "A dead one is better than a live one IMO."

None of the students have any idea how it got there, or how long it was there before it was discovered.

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