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It’s time to admit that Love from ‘You’ is the absolute worst

Not as bad as Joe, obviously, but the worst nonetheless

If there’s one show everyone’s talking about right now, it’s You. Its second season is set in glitzy Los Angeles with a rich chef as Joe’s paramour. It pans out much like the first season: they meet, fall in love, homicide happens.

Oh yeah, speaking of the L-word, her actual name is Love. Dumb, right.

I’m not going to stand here and say Joe the manipulative stalker/murderer/abuser isn’t objectively the most morally repugnant character in the show. He is. But that’s obvious.

What isn’t so obvious is just how ugh Love is.

Apparently being quirky is her only personality trait

From her first line – “Excuse me, do you think this peach looks like a butt?” – it was clear she was going to be shallow and underdeveloped. Her only personality trait is being “quirky'”. Were we meant to be impressed by her being so forthright in comparing a piece of fruit to an ass??? Groundbreaking.

Okay, so she’s also a chef, but this is off the back of her parents’ dollar. Hardly a self-made feminist icon. And I bet Prue and Paul would tear her stupid wedding cake to shreds, tbh.

The ‘cute but psycho’ stereotype is not okay

Love had so much potential to be truly badass. Girl should have escaped with Candance and left Joe in that cage to ROT. But no, she had to out herself as a murdering psychopath.

She’s just another stereotype. She’s a gorgeous socialite with a twee baking job but make it edgy with a cartilage piercing, ~~~troubled past~~~ and penchant for homicide. The classic ‘cute but psycho’ girl.

But, hey, it’s more acceptable because she’s hot, right? Homicide is just another one of her quirky little hobbies! It makes her edgy! Look at how hot and mysterious she is!

Love is basically a BTEC Amy from Gone Girl. Yawn.

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Her face is so ANNOYING

I’m not blind. I would let Jasper cut off all of my fingers if it meant I would look like Victoria Pedretti.

But Love’s stupid entitled moany face makes my blood boil. You can’t just pull a stroppy face (or kill someone) every time you don’t get your own way!!!

She is entitled af

Everyone thinks Forty is the entitled one, but they’re both as bad as each other tbh. In the style of rich people everywhere, she fucks things up and then expects others to sort out the mess by throwing her money around. And in her case, she uses all this money to cover up fucking homicide. Her scheme at the end of the series is to frame Ellie and get her rich parents to bail her out!

She also literally can’t handle not getting what she wants. At one point, once Joe has told her he’s moving away and they can’t be together anymore, she says to him “I refuse your goodbye”??? Since when is rejecting a break-up an option???

Plus it’s pretty hard to empathise with a character that has had everything, including a sick apartment and an easy job, handed to them on a silver fucking platter. At least Beck had relatable money problems.

What was with that ‘I wolf you’ shit???

I honestly threw up in my mouth when she came out with that.

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Even the actress who plays her thinks she’s trash!!!

Victoria Pedretti, the actress who plays Love, said she was disappointed with the way her character’s story panned out in the end. I would be too!!!

Ugh. Next. I hope the Goldberg-Quinn’s neighbour kills them both in their sleep, tbh.

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