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Leeds’ BNOC of the year 2018: round one

There can be only one winner


It’s that time of year again. With nominations in, here’s your first batch of bubbly BNOCs, who seem to have a bit of an issue with shitting themselves this year. But who knows, maybe that’s what popular means in 2018.

Otto Mallalieu-Black, second year, Business

According to his mates, Otto has it all: “the reputation, the looks, the intellect, the chat, the name and a bit of something downstairs”. My imagination is running wild.

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In his own words, Otto responds to being nominated with “an incredible feeling of elation. This is an accolade that I will remember with high pride for the rest of my life.” He reckons he’s been nominated “due to the fact I am out four/five times a week; it makes it very easy to become known”. We hope this nomination will help Otto to become more “known”.

Alisha Maini, first year, Medicine

Her mates say that Alisha once ran into a glass door for a sausage roll. Guess her degree got a bit much?

When asked for her response to her nomination, Alisha wasn’t quite convinced by her BNOC status as she lives “2,000 miles away from campus in Lib Dock. But can be spotted every week in the club photos at Players/ Warehouse!”

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Darla Dryland, second year, Spanish and English

She’s the girl “who did Movember by drawing different moustaches on her face every day for a month.” Now that’s commitment.

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According to her pals, she “once picked up a random Spanish man on a train and let him stay in her house for a bit because he was hot.” Can’t blame her.

Tom Best, second year, Broadcast Journalism

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“Rumour has it he has cheerleaders waiting for him in his bed for when he comes home”. Cheerleaders and a BNOC nomination? Wow.

What’s Tom got to say about all this? “Hahaha I guess it’s pretty cool and funny”. A man of few words, it seems. He goes on to say he should win because “I’m the best MC in the garage, Leeds Uni Tickets best rep, 121s worst bloke and overall a pretty cool guy so yeah it’s lit”.

Theo Hargreaves, third year, Economics and French

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When asked about Theo’s best moment, his mates were torn between two occasions: that time he took his top off in Fruity or that time he shat himself. When asked to comment on his nomination, Theo said “it’s pretty exciting hahah a bit out of the blue!” A bit like shitting yourself, I’d imagine.

Will James Sheriff, third year, Art and Design

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A “proud day” for Will, here’s what he had to say: “although I may achieve a low 2.2 doing an arts degree… I can happily say the three long years doing as little as possible outside the Parkinson building and at Royal Park Pub has finally paid off. ” A Royal Park regular, a mate can testify that “when the landlord’s first child was born, he was named after Will himself”.

Sam Musgrave, first year, Geography

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When asked about his nomination, he said: “it’s fuckin sick mate.” When asked why he thought he was Leeds’ greatest BNOC, he said: “am a legend”. We can’t argue with that – rumour has it, he once turned up to Nando’s in a SUIT because he was on a comedown and “thought it would make him feel better”. Usually fresh air and some orange juice does the trick for me, but whatever floats your boat, Sam.

Sarah West, third year, Nutrition

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Sarah said this has been the “best news all year”, and that she’s wrangled this nomination because of her “big name and big gob”. According to a friend, she’s “the westest person in Leeds.” She clearly lives up to her name – can she live up to her nomination and claim the title of Leeds’ biggest BNOC?

Tom Birchy, first year, Law

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A name you may recognise from Leeds Uni Tickets, Tom had some humble words following his nomination. “A genuine surprise and of course I’m excited by such good news!”. How wholesome.

Why does he reckon he’s been nominated? “It’s probably how much of a genuinely lovely person I am and nothing to do with the unremitting promotion of my events on Leeds Uni Tickets”.