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What item from your Christmas dinner is your Uni of Leeds halls?

All I want for Christmas is food

Leeds is officially the party capital of the UK, according to research

All those Hyde Park seshes have paid off

Forget Josh Dylan and Jeremy Irvine, Dominic Cooper is the real daddy of Mamma Mia 2

I don’t care if he’s 40

Here are literally just 24 of the funniest Love Island 2018 memes from the series so far

So many snakes deserving of these savage memes

Meet the committee behind the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2018

They’ve even worked with Lippy Magazine

Everything you know if you’re not single on Valentine’s Day, but you’re not in a relationship either

Everything becomes so awkward

Every type of fuckboy you’ll meet in Leeds this Valentine’s Day

There’s a reason these guys are single

We spoke to Leeds’ Flat Earth Society and just asked: Why?

‘To put it simply, gravity doesn’t exist’

All the best Twitter reactions to Kylie Jenner’s baby announcement

‘Kylie Jenner won the Super Bowl’

Meet the Leeds third year who is also on Take Me Out

She’s even been DM’d by Callum Best

A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Leeds Uni students

Don’t hate us cos you ain’t us

It’s official, Rhun Gwilym is Leeds’ most eligible bachelor

He came, he saw, he conquered

It’s official, Beth Mortell is Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette

They’re all winners really

Which classic Christmas film is your Uni of Leeds hall of residence?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Which classic Christmas song is your Uni of Leeds hall of residence?

Not everyone can be Bublé

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave me the Leeds’ Clubbers of the Week

It’s Christmas time, and there’s no need to be afraid

Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette 2017: The final

They’re all winners in our eyes

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor 2017: The final

There can only be one winner

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor 2017: Round four

Which of these hotties should be crowned?

Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette 2017: Round five

Let’s hear it for the gals

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor 2017: Round three

Doin’ it for the boooooys

Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette 2017: Round four

Single ladies, we hear ya

Leeds’ most eligible bachelor 2017: Round two

So eligible, yet so alone

Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette 2017: Round one

Single ladies put ya hands up

Sorry, but tracksuits and hoop earrings are not cultural appropriation

This is getting ridiculous now

Can we all take a minute to appreciate Cole Sprouse’s MASSIVE glow up?

Daddy may I

If you can’t pass this Leeds Uni test, you might as well just go home now

Maybe you would have done better at Beckett

Introducing the eight uni fuckboys who are about to ruin everything

You’re not gonna find your Prince Charming in Tiger Tiger

Take this scientifically accurate quiz to find out how disappointed your mum will be with you after Freshers’ Week

Will you still be allowed home for Sunday dinner?

All the best tweets about Leeds Varsity 2017

We may not have won, but at least we don’t go to Beckett

Leeds graduate stuck in Cambodia needs urgent donations for rare brain treatment

She has a condition of an unknown cause that is affecting her brain

Here’s how you can grab yourselves a free Wagamama’s in Leeds

The best way to cure a hangover

Stop everything, MiC’s Alex Mytton could be playing your next edgy Leeds house party

The party to end all parties

A comprehensive list of every mistake you’ll make as a fresher at Leeds

Space is never a good night out

Every single thing you learn when you move into your new student house ‘just off Brudenell Road’

Say goodbye to a warm house

Last year’s Leeds freshers tell us their best and worst Freshers’ Week decisions

‘Falling in love with the first person I slept with’

These are the cringiest Facebook posts from the Leeds freshers of 2017

‘Pray for me on results day’

Update: a 25 year old man has been stabbed in the centre of Leeds

More information as we get it

Sorry to disappoint, but middle class students aren’t the privileged, entitled brats you desperately want them to be

We don’t all get Daddy to pay

We worked out how much Freshers’ Week at Leeds is really going to cost you

Glitter doesn’t come cheap you know

Look, I thought we were done hating Taylor Swift and yet here we are again

Give the girl a break

Literally just a load of pictures of Leeds students looking banging in glitter

Because what is Leeds without glitter

Try not to panic, but Gordon’s have launched a brand new, PINK gin

It mixes perfectly with Prosecco

Sorry, but I just don’t get everyone’s obsession with Camilla from Love Island

She’s not a ‘national treasure’

So apparently every Wetherspoons in Leeds has a dress code, because nowhere is safe anymore

It’s 2017, just let us have fun already

I tried to pull using Love Island quotes on Tinder to see if it actually works in the real world

On paper they are all my type

Sorry, but I just don’t get Glastonbury

Even Jezza Corbyn couldn’t save it this year

Everything you know if you’ve just graduated and your life is basically over

Say goodbye to three month long summers

Here’s everything we know about Simon Searles, the barber from Leeds heading into the Love Island villa

‘The boys better be ready for some competition’

I asked guys on Tinder when they last had sex and it was so tragic

‘Fucking ages ago lmao’

Can we guess what you’re doing for your summer hols based on how edgy you are?

Including a totally relevant question about Love Island

We asked students what they think about the 2017 general election result

‘Strong and stable is fucking dead’

We know who you should vote for in the general election based on what you did for your ‘gap yah’

Not everything’s about Brexit you know

I asked guys on Tinder who they’re voting for in the general election and why

‘Tory, lol joke I’m not an idiot’

Stars from iconic teen movies: where are they now?

Only some of them are still fit

There’s now something called ‘gemstone food’, because that’s exactly what 2017 needs at this point

The end of the unicorn is upon us

It’s time we all realised that Sharpay Evans is the true victim of High School Musical

She was the only talented one in the whole film

This Leeds third year wrote his whole dissertation on Kanye West

He’ll make that bitch famous

All of the best tweets about Eurovision 2017

Nothing can ever beat Graham Norton’s sassiness

I marathoned Girlboss in one night and I’ve never felt more empowered

I feel like I could rule the world

New study says we should stop Instagramming our food, because this is 2017 and we’re not allowed to do anything fun anymore

I’m gonna do it anyway

Look, it really doesn’t matter how ‘skinny’ store mannequins are

We need to get over it

Leeds’ BNOC of the Year 2017: the Final

Only the best of the best have made it this far

Leeds’ clubbers of the week

Only the best of the best

It’s time we all stopped kidding ourselves and realised that Gilmore Girls is absolute trash

Not even Melissa McCarthy could save it

University of Leeds to look into developing a Black British History module

Staff ‘listen to demands’ of Why is My Curriculum White campaign

I’m almost afraid to admit this but I really do not get the hype about avocados

Seriously, someone please explain it to me

Leeds’ BNOC of the Year 2017: Round three

There can only be one winner

Every type of guy with a girlfriend on a night out

No one wants to be a terrible wingman

I asked guys on Tinder to tell me how they lost their virginity and they did not let me down

‘On a sofa watching Star Wars why’

Every single way invigilators will make your life hell this exam season

They are the worst

Can we all please just admit that Hannah Baker is the absolute worst

Now hear me out

If you want to lose weight you should eat an avocado every day, says new study

People who eat avocados have smaller waists than those who don’t

I tried to get drunk off alcoholic Easter eggs

Yes, one of them was G&T flavoured

What Leeds club are you?

We can’t all be Canal Mills

I asked guys on Tinder if they would go down on me while I was on my period

‘No you scumbag’

We spoke to an expert about long distance relationships, and why they affect students the most

It’s time we learnt the truth

Bizarre, unexplainable things that happen in the girls’ bathroom but literally nowhere else in the world

‘Omg babe I LOVE your dress where did you get it’

A guy’s night out in Leeds from a girl’s perspective

Why is there so much FIFA?

All the terrible, inevitable beauty decisions you make when you’re drunk

But it seemed like such a good idea at the time

The most mind-numbingly irritating people on a night out, according to club photographers

‘This isn’t a photo shoot for a cover on Vogue’

Hilariously honest tweets about using tampons that all women can relate to

Inserting Compaks is an art

Things we’ve legitimately overheard at Leeds Uni

“But mines bigger than yours”

Leeds’ clubbers of the week: St Paddy’s Day special

Shoutout to the Galway Girls

Dating disasters we all experienced as teenagers in the early 2000s

Just poke them on Facebook then they’ll definitely fall in love with you

We asked girls in Leeds what makes them swipe left on Tinder

“Probably, like, druggies or twats”

She played the fiddle in an Irish band but she fell in love with the clubbers of the week

Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand, said “Baby, let’s go to Crispy’s”

This new crop top from Urban Outfitters shows the crop top trend has gone too damn far

Hell is empty and all the devils are here

Happy 20th birthday to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the best thing to come out of the nineties

‘I may be dead but I’m still pretty’

Your younger sibling will make more money than you, according to research

It’s because they take more risks

All the reasons why going out is the most overrated thing ever

“Shitty DJ’s, bad music, expensive drinks, and a tiny smoke machine in the corner actually all makes for a pretty shit night”

All the things basic white girls are tired of hearing

‘Do you have to say ‘literally’ all the time?’

We spoke to the real life geniuses behind your new favourite voyeuristic Facebook page, Boyfriends of Instagram

Not all heroes wear capes

The Tab Leeds Power List: Vote now

The movers and shakers who are destined for greatness

Emma Watson isn’t any less of a feminist because she posed semi-topless

Shocking new concept: women can do whatever they choose with their bodies???

Confessions: What would you say to your ex if you got the chance?

“I just wanted to be friends with your dad”

Every reason why living in Leeds is better than living in London

Do I even need to tell you

A major film talent agency is seeking extras from Leeds for a new film

You might get to meet Kit Harrington

An expert tells us how 50 Shades gets BDSM completely wrong

She thinks the books convey an abusive relationship

If you could say one thing to your ex, what would you it be? We want your confessions

“It’s not that common, it doesn’t happen to every guy, and it is a big deal!”

People who drink red wine are better in bed, according to science

Guess I’ll have another then