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Natalie Aminoff
Southampton University


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Q&A with law firm Leigh Day

We met at the Mitre

UCU votes to suspend industrial action, calling off the strikes

Lectures will continue Monday

The Soton Tab are recruiting!

And we want you to be a part of Southampton’s biggest and best student news site

Surge Radio have seven nominations for the I Love Student Radio Awards


Union President Flora Noble to face a disciplinary hearing

She was a no show to the Senate

There is a BBC sexual consent workshop taking place tonight on campus

BBC3 are making an episode dedicated to sexual assault

Southampton wins Varsity 2k18

Smashed it

The best signs from the International Women’s Day march

Fighting the patriarchy one witty pun at a time


Let’s get political

Soton’s most eligible bachelorette: THE WINNER

You won’t be surprised

Soton’s most eligible bachelor: THE WINNER

You won’t be shocked

Wessex Scene just published a bullshit article on the ‘rumoured’ 2018 Union election candidates

I’m shooketh

Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette: THE FINAL

The best of the bunch

Southampton’s most eligible bachelor: THE FINAL

These are the best of the bunch as voted by you

Southampton’s most eligible bachelor: HEAT THREE

There’s even more of them

Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette: HEAT TWO

The galdem

Southampton’s most eligible bachelor: HEAT TWO

Time to vote

Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette: HEAT ONE

Roll up

Sending nudes to your best gal pals is better than sending them to any boy

They’ll big you up no matter what

You can get free entry to Jesters on Thursday night if you like the Soton Tab page

You know you want to

Jailbreak 2017 team en route to DUBAI

They are on track to win

Jesters are doing tequila omlettes and I am disgusted yet intrigued

An egcellent idea

Nominate Southampton’s most eligible bachelor or bachelorette

Nominate yourself if you’re feeling frisky

LIVEBLOG: The Israel Trials

We’re the only ones allowed to bring in our laptops (plus Surge lol)

All the struggles of having a long distance relationship at uni

Fuck you National Express

Vote now for your favourite Soton Halloween costume!

Spooky n sexy garms galore

You can now only use your laptop at certain times in The Bridge

What happened to study and chill?

How to successfully get with your housemate

Let’s get incestual

RIP Susu the Cat

May she rest in bountiful tuna and milk

Weird things all Soton students do which are again, just very weird

Why are we like this

You don’t have to drink to enjoy first year

You can banter without the bev

The ‘Rat Man’ has been acquitted in Southampton Crown Court

He’s been accused of attacking a researcher from uni, bizarre

Stop saying ‘nice guys finish last’, she just doesn’t like you

Not every girl is desperate for a bad boy

Every type of person you’ll bump into at uni from your hometown

There’s a reason we weren’t mates at school

Just a list of things that every single Soton student has said

We all own a pair of bloody jesters’ shoes

Come write for the Soton Tab!

We want your opinions

What your choice of festival says about you

Some people just want to dunk themselves into a fuckload of glitter

Tariq Manzil’s nominated for an English Curry Award

Good on ya Tariq

University of Southampton places 90th in student satisfaction survey

We ain’t so happy

Marcel is coming to Ocies

He’ll see you at the crossroads

University of Southampton gym membership increases

Students v angry

Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Southampton this Saturday

Oh Jezza

How to actually, properly survive graduation

Completely serious this time, promise

How to survive graduation like a pro

University? Completed it mate

Introducing the new Soton Tab team!

Squad goalz xo

Union reveals new logo design

Colours n emojis

I sent a pic of myself in a hideous dress to my male friends and these were their reactions

You guys are too nice for your own good

Provisional exam timetable released

It’s crunch time

Why low-waisted jeans are the devil

Like, seriously, why

The best places to cry in Southampton

It’ll get better

An ode to the guy who cracked his head open as I was pulling him

u okay b?

Jailbreak 2016 make it to The Gambia

Other teams have made it to Gran Canaria, Amsterdam and Copenhagen

How to keep warm on a night out

A fool-proof guide

Southampton graduation proposal couple wed

Here comes the grad

Mistakes you will definitely make during your first year

You will be convinced you have chlamydia

Tampons for everyone

UCAS are here to help you with your flow

Students urged to secure their homes after Portswood burglary

Three female students chased the thief out of their house

An open letter to all fuckboys

Heed this warning

Why it’s better to go to uni without your friends

We promise you won’t be Johnny No-Mates

Lies every student has told themselves

I can eat pasta and cheese 5 times a week and still remain a size 8

Clubbing at home is awful now I’ve experienced uni clubbing

Why should I pay £7.10 for a vodka cranberry

What’s your favourite thing about being a woman?

From free drinks to proving people wrong

VP Education Candidate Interview

He wants to learn the tricks of the trade

How YikYak perfectly sums up everything that happens to students

Most of it is complaining

Everyone you’ve added on Facebook since Freshers’

You’ll never see half of them again