Stop saying ‘nice guys finish last’, she just doesn’t like you

Not every girl is desperate for a bad boy

Okay, so you’ve been rejected a few times. That’s sad, and a shame. No-one likes to be rejected. But, everyone has been rejected at some point in their life, no matter how nice or nasty they are. So basically, get over it. Cos we all have to.

Nice people don’t talk about how nice they are

“I’m a such a nice guy, why wouldn’t they want me?” First of all, do people who are actually nice talk about how nice they are? Probs not.

If you are truly a nice person, you would understand that maybe you just weren’t on the same wavelength. Maybe you wanted something more, and she didn’t read the signs at first. Maybe she just sees you as a friend, because that is literally all you ever were. No one is obligated to get with you just because you spoke to them once on the bus.

You wanted something in return

Also, you couldn’t have been that nice. If you’re screaming “nice guys finish last”, you clearly have an ulterior motive and that is probs the opposite of being a nice guy.

If you were a nice guy and were that person’s friend, you wouldn’t expect anything from them other than friendship. Yes, sometimes feelings do evolve and you have to tell that person how you feel about them. But they don’t have to do anything about it, but let you down with decency.

And if you’ve been on a few dates with someone, or got with them a few times on a night out, then again it is normal to develop feelings. But once someone has told you that’s all the relationship is, no matter how harsh or gutting that may be, you just have to take it. You can’t complain or moan how you were a nice person and why don’t they want to, because the other person is probably is nice individual too.

In most cases, your female friend rejected you because she just wasn’t feeling it, and she just sees you as a friend. Just because you are ‘nice’ to someone doesn’t mean they should shag you for your ‘niceness’.

When girls talk about rejection, they are written off as stupid or desperate

The ‘nice’ guys are the ones we are supposed to feel sorry for. The ones who keep getting ‘knocked for no reason’ (there definitely was a reason) and who are too good for girls anywhere.

But when a girl complains that they’ve been rejected one too many times, they are labelled as desperate or imagining a situation that never actually happened. Even though the exact same thing happened to them.

Rejection can happen to anyone, and sometimes you see a scenario as different to someone else. And it’s a little bit embarrassing, but move on pls.