Sending nudes to your best gal pals is better than sending them to any boy

They’ll big you up no matter what

They’ll boost your ego

No matter what the picture actually is, replies such as ‘GIRL YASSSSSSSSSS’, ‘ABSOLUTE FIYAH’ and ‘I wish I had ur bod’ are just a given. Best friends will make you feel like a Victoria Secret model when actually you are a slug-like troll.

Their replies are just infinitely better

When we send you a nude, we want more than just a one syllable reply. ‘Nice’ does not suffice, even when paired with a thumbs up. When we send nudes to our friends we receive paragraphs in return, proclaiming and praising our beauty and thiccccccness. This is what we want, boys take notes.

Is there such a thing as being too comfortable in your own skin?

They’ll give you constructive criticism

Struggle with lighting? Ask your bestie. Can quite get the pose? Ask your bestie. Not sure which body part to make the centrepiece of the nude? ASK YOUR BESTIE. They’ll help you take your best nude and live your best, sexually liberated life.

They’ll even help you take the damn pic

Sometimes you just can’t quite get the angle by yourself, either your arms or too short or you just can’t bend that way (pro nude taking). Best friends will be your nude photographer, director and fan all in one go.