Jailbreak 2016 make it to The Gambia

Other teams have made it to Gran Canaria, Amsterdam and Copenhagen

jailbreak 2016 Southampton

At 9am Saturday morning, 26 teams participating in Jailbreak 2016 excitedly hurried  off to get as far away from Highfield campus in 36 hours. For all those who don’t know, they have to do this without spending any of their own money.

The Bailers Be Ballin'

The Bailers Be Ballin’

As of 12:00pm, the team in the lead of Jailbreak 2016 are The Bailers, with an impressive distance of 1068 miles. Not too far behind them are Team DAZ who have made it to the Faro, Portugal (884 miles away).

The aptly named team ‘Just trying to hatch Poke eggs’ have managed to travel 793 miles away en route to Gran Canaria.

The first team to land on foreign soil was Team 23 who landed in Amsterdam at 7pm last night.  All teams have been rushing around in style, varying from tutus to animal onesies to Where’s Wally outfits.

Werk it

Werk it

Every team has made it out of the South of England, with 4 teams currently in Amsterdam including Team We didn’t want Harambe in the name but Dean insisted (good on you Dean). The team with the least distance at the time of this article is Team The Proles do Jailbreak, who managed to travel 178 miles to Manchester (but the day is still young).

It seems that all the teams have had a wild adventure during their journeys. Amazingly, Team Surge managed to bag a lift in a Mercedes. The  Brexiteers accidentally got an extra ticket to Amsterdam (it could be worse). Not all journeys ran quite so smoothly, as Team Steams (our very own News Editor Emily Harrison and her team mate Matthew Latter) were stuck in Gloucester. But then, they managed to fund raise enough cash to get them on a coach to Worcester. Furthermore, one of our Deputy Editors Lii Mohammed has just landed in Copenhagen


Will hitchhike for a Maccies

Jailbreak 2016 has not only be the talk of the weekend for Southampton students, even celebrities have got involved. Selasi Gbormittah from The Great British Bake Off (who was also at The Stags last night) offered his kind words of support to the Jailbreak 2016 team.


Selasi the Bae

Jailbreak will end at 9pm, so whichever Team has got the furthest by then will be crowned the winners. So far, Jailbreak Southampton have managed to raise over £5.2 thousand; congratulations to RAG for such an amazing achievement. Furthermore, a massive well done to all 26 Teams who are participating and good luck for the next few hours!

Photo Credit to Alice Hearing