Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette: HEAT ONE

Roll up

Bachelorette One: Isabella Camilleri

She was nominated with this description: She’s the girl with pink trousers in the pic and the Wellbeing Officer at the uni. She loves water sports and her crocs and is looking for a boy with a neck beard. She loves a dad bod so she can cuddle the chub. She’s keen and likes it rough and is ready to go.

Bachelorette Two: Victoria Condon

She was nominated with this description: She lives for a mad night out and manages to push through the hangovers like a trooper. She’s newly single and looking for love. Sometimes she has peachy hair which is kinda cute and is looking for a small boy just like her dad. Victoria loves the gym and has mad abs.

Bachelorette  Three: Hannah Brooks-Scully

She was nominated with this description: Hannah is  Southampton University’s Ladies Hockey  Club 2nd XI captain. She’s a third year physio hailing from Bath. She’s looking for that special someone to take home to her family and introduce to her cat, Lily. She’s also a contender for the world’s longest “yeah BOOOOOOIIIII” ever.

Bachelorette Four: Lexie

She was nominated with this description: Lexie’s a bit of a BNOC in SSAGO, DofE, , Cake Dec, Pottery, Ice Skating, biological sciences, Park Run, improvers ballet…. She doesn’t get about a lot but basically, she’s up for anything! Lexie loves wearing dressing up, preferably something historical or fluorescent shorts but she might be down for other costumes. She also loves cats. A LOT.