Southampton University bans Stanley cups in lectures after damage caused by leakages

Students carrying the cups will be asked to leave them outside lecture halls inside a ‘Stanley holding pen’

The University of Southampton has banned Stanley Cups in lecture halls due to the fact that they leak.

In a leaked email sent to university staff, the institution explained that the tumblers would not be allowed into halls “effective immediately” after leaks have caused damage to property.

Staff will now monitor entrance to lectures and stop students who attempt to enter with the trending cup. Those in possession will be asked to leave their water tumbler outside the hall in a “Stanley holding pen” which the university has created to keep student property safe.

The email explained that despite the cups being a “convenient” hydration solution for students, the new ban will prevent “further instances of property damage” and will “ensure the safety and comfort of all attendees”.

Despite being asked to remind students of the new policy, staff members are exempt from the ban and are permitted to bring their own Stanley Cups into lectures.

April, a first year drama student told The Southampton Tab that she’d rather fail the year than leave her cup outside. She said: “If my cup doesn’t go, I don’t go. It’s almost discrimination – I would rather fail than go along with this crap.”

Jules, a third year geography student and Stanley Cup hater, disagreed, saying: “Thank god the spineless sheep at uni can’t lug those things around anymore. They’re ugly and clunky and I’m sick of getting wet sleeves because some girl who can’t control her cup sat next to me.”

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