Love Island’s Dom Lever will be coming to Oceana in Southampton

Following Chris Hughes, you can have the chance to meet another solid 8

University of Southampton gym membership increases

Students v angry

Jeremy Corbyn is coming to Southampton this Saturday

Oh Jezza

In this coalition of confusion, who are the DUP?

May must look to form an allegiance with the DUP to form a majority government. But who are they and what policies do they support?

BrewDog will give you a FREE BEER if you vote today

Just show a selfie of you outside the polling station to any Brewdog bar to claim it

Have you got Southampton’s best pet on campus?

We’re looking for a true BPOC

The Soton Tab is recruiting!

Want to be a part of the biggest student news site in Southampton?

It’s Orange Rooms’ Sweet 16 Tonight!

Soton’s favourite cocktail bar is throwing a birthday party tonight – and you’re invited!

Provisional exam timetable released

It’s crunch time

Surge radio to host 48 hour marathon for Comic Relief

The show will begin at Midnight tonight!

Medics bare all on stage for charity


Grad ball to be major disappointment

It’s going to be held at the student union

Candidates Revealed For Union Election 2017

It has been officially revealed who the candidates are running in the Union Election for both Full-Time Officer and Student Leader Roles.

Five fun things to do in Soton this week

It puts in the fun in fundraising!

Supreme court president makes first appearance since Article 50 ruling

On Monday night the President of the Supreme Court made his first public appearance since the “Article 50 Case” ruling at Southampton University.