A Russell Group uni isn’t reading out its grads’ names at graduation ceremonies this week

And the grads aren’t even getting a handshake on stage!!

Southampton student gives birth on the toilet without knowing she was pregnant

Jess Davis thought she was just experiencing period pain

Mask made mandatory in all University of Southampton buildings

The change in guidance came into effect on 27th October

Switch Southampton to close on Wednesday in support of the Girls Night In movement

‘We believe as a venue it is important to show unity with our customers and support this very significant movement’

A Girls Night In event is taking place in Southampton this week

The national movement is calling for more measures to be put in place to prevent spiking in clubs.

A walk for Darcy: Monte Netball Team are fundraising for their late President

They are fundraising for The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Funding for streetlights in Southampton has reduced amid concerns for women’s safety

But the council said lighting ‘won’t be reduced’ despite this

Banksy painting which appeared at Southampton Hospital last year has sold for £16 million

The money raised will go to Southampton Hospitals Charity

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A group of Solent girls got stuck in a uni lift and documented the whole thing on TikTok

They drank wine and ‘belted out sad songs’ to pass the time

There’s a new club opening in Southampton in June!

Trilogy is set to open on June 21st

A #ReclaimTheseStreets event is being held in Southampton this weekend

The event will take place at Southampton Common at 6pm tomorrow

Soton student who died from sepsis called GP 25 times to be declined an appointment

Toby was wrongly diagnosed with tonsillitis

Soton Uni lecturer assaulted in ‘racist’ attack whilst jogging in the city

He said he doesn’t feel ‘safe’ in the city and is considering ‘going back to China’

Confirmed: Soton Uni is welcoming back students from 8th March

Those with a practical component on their course are being contacted about the return

Soton student creates petition for the uni to reconsider postponing 2021 graduation

The university announced last week that this year’s graduation ceremonies would be postponed

Solent students create petition to change the university’s no detriment policy

Students are disappointed that the university has not considered different alternatives in supporting the creative and practical courses