Vote now for your favourite Soton Halloween costume!

Spooky n sexy garms galore

Every year, Soton students don their best costumes and paint the town blood red with their saucy and scary outfits. 2017 Halloween was no different.


If you’re feeling sinful, vote for this saucy devil


If you need someone to call, vote for these ghost busters

Dead Lady Gaga

Caught in a bad romance? Vote for dead Lady Gaga

Day of the Dead

If you enjoy the deceased aesthetic, vote for Day of the Dead


If you need to phone home, vote for Eliot and E.T.


Ginger Spice

If you wannabe her lover, vote for Ginger Spice


Buzz buzz, vote for this slayin’ bee

Wednesday  Addams

She naturally looks mean, she’s okay with it. Vote for Wednesday

Queen of hearts

If she’s caught your heart, vote for this Queen

Grandma and Grandad Zombie

Love the elderly? Vote for this old zombies


If you love Game of Thrones, vote for Khal


Enter the circus and vote for this freaky jesters

The Chief from Road to El Dorado

If you think this costume is uncanny, vote for the Chief


Love a good game? Vote for Twister