Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette: THE FINAL

The best of the bunch

It’s been emotional, but he we are. The final of  Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette. There is only thing left you have to do, and that is vote for your fave gyal to win this coverted award.

Bachelorette One: Amy Dewar

She was nominated with this description: She never fails to pull on a night out, she even managed to pull in joggers. Her phone is full of guys pestering her for dates though she sadly never replies to any of them.

Bachelorette  Two: Hannah Brooks-Scully

She was nominated with this description: Hannah is  Southampton University’s Ladies Hockey  Club 2nd XI captain. She’s a third year physio hailing from Bath. She’s looking for that special someone to take home to her family and introduce to her cat, Lily. She’s also a contender for the world’s longest “yeah BOOOOOOIIIII” ever.