Southampton’s most eligible bachelor: HEAT THREE

There’s even more of them

Bachelor One: David Price

He was nominated with this description: Tall, dark and handsome.

Bachelor Two: Adam Price

He was nominated with this description: Adam is a second year studying Morse and is well know around Portswood by his nickname ‘Doggo’. There is nothing he loves more than meeting techno DJ’s in Switch and using this photos on his extremely impressive Tinder profile. A personal best was spending an hour in the booth with Latmun and Waaf whilst drinking their Coronas. He is also a kind heart with footballers legs.

Bachelor Three: Zach Tait

He was nominated with this description: He is a Aeronautical and Astronautical engineering with an accent to die for! He’s a hit with the ladies and spends more time in Stags than the staff.