Weird things all Soton students do which are again, just very weird

Why are we like this

Eating a sit down meal at 3am

Need I say more?

Students enjoying a 1am curry

Drink 4 shots of vod in one glass and enjoy it

Not wash your hair because you’re going to Jesters

Plan to go to Bournemouth with ya pals but never do

Go to the library at 12am

Actually sing seriously at Stags Karaoke

Buying a specific pair of shoes for a specific club

Get into a hot tub at Freshers

Eat what is perhaps lizard from Chick-o-land

Stalk a cat around the Union 

Kick up a fuss about a re-brand, then kick up a fuss about the re-brand for the re-brand 

Did someone say re-brand? Drink.

Just simply go to Jesters 

Look out for a man who gives food to rats 

Use the safety bus to go to Maccies

Spend a whole 12 hours in Jesters 

Have a BBQ at The Edge at 4am 

Get excited for cocktails at The Hobbit