Southampton’s most eligible bachelor: THE FINAL

These are the best of the bunch as voted by you

Here it is, the final of the Southampton’s most eligible bachelor. It’s time to vote for who you think is the most eligible and best bachelor in Southampton, a vote that will no doubt shoot the winner to success and fame never seen before.

Bachelor One: Mondell Williams

He was nominated with this description: He’s studying third year history, is the biggest BNOC on campus and an all round 10/10.

Bachelor Two: Ali Wakeling

He was nominated with this description: This 6″4 history student is the ideal choice for Soton bachelor of the year. Being a team water polo captain means he doesn’t not lack experience in getting people wet and getting down to some frisky business down below. Finding girls in his bedroom is one of his favourite past times and he will turn down no one unless they reject his fetish of licking his big toe. Saying no to this hunk can lead to some unpleasant circumstances with him once getting a seven month ban for knocking out the entire Switch smoking area, a sentence reduced after Switch realised how much of a machine he is. One can usually find him in the swimming pool sporting his skimpy speedos and preying on unsuspecting freshers.

Bachelor Three: Adam Price

He was nominated with this description: Adam is a second year studying Morse and is well know around Portswood by his nickname ‘Doggo’. There is nothing he loves more than meeting techno DJ’s in Switch and using this photos on his extremely impressive Tinder profile. A personal best was spending an hour in the booth with Latmun and Waaf whilst drinking their Coronas. He is also a kind heart with footballers legs.