How to actually, properly survive graduation

Completely serious this time, promise

grad graduation

On a serious note, although your graduation ceremony will be full of excitement, it’s also a time where stress levels run high. It can be emotional and draining, and a hard day to get through. Mishaps and accidents must be prepared for. So, here are our completely serious tips that will hopefully help your day run smoothly:

Prepare for any weather

With the fickle English weather, literally anything can happen. You can be mid-pose and be hit by a mini Katrina, or be sweating ya ballz off in a full lecture hall. So make sure you check the weather forecast before, as you want to be sure that your makeup won’t completely melt or regret not wearing an extra layer.

Expect to be emotional

Although you knew this day was coming for a while, you may not realise how emotional you’ll be until the day finally comes. Because it is a sad day. It signals the end of your university life. It’s goodbye to a lot of friends you’ve made, without knowing when you’re going to see some of them next. And scarily enough, it marks the beginning of your life as a fully fledged ADULT where you now have to do completely ADULT things like complain about train delays and wake up before 12pm. So be sure to bring a pack of Kleenex with you for those tears that may sneak up on you.

Don’t be nervous

This is easier said than done, obviously. For a lot of people it is nerve-wracking to be the centre of hundreds of people’s attention, even if it is for a few seconds. Try to remember that everyone is in the same boat of you, and many people don’t like having to stand up in front of loads of others either. Even if you do trip over, it will make a funny memory for years to come, lol.

Remember the essentials

Water. Deodorant. Tissues. A cereal bar. Phone charger. These are things that you will get you through the day. Don’t think you’re too good for any of these items, especially deodorant. No one wants to be stuck next to Bad Pitts for hours on end. And the cereal bar will look like a five course meal after what seems like years with no food. You’ll thank me later.

Book in advance

You think you can just turn up to whatever restaurant you fancy and immediately sit down with your full family and have a nice meal. You thought wrong. Because about 5,000 other hungry graduates and their clans have the same idea as you. Be smart, pick a place well before and book. You’ll already have been queuing for ages to get your diploma, you don’t want to be the same for a plate of spaghetti.

They all booked

Enjoy the day

The most important tip, just live in the moment. For many of you, it will be your only graduation day. It will be a day you look back fondly in years to come and think how actually happy you were then. So humour your parents, let them take as many pictures as they want. They love you, are proud of you and want to enjoy this day as much as you do. Say your goodbyes to the friends that you’ll miss, and have your laughs with the friends that matter the most. You’ll all be moving on to different things such as travelling, grad schemes or job hunts.This  may be the last time you’ll all  be together, happy, for a while. So enjoy yourself, this is your day to celebrate.