How to successfully get with your housemate

Let’s get incestual

Normally, getting with your housemate is seen as a big taboo. We all know someone who once got with their housemate and majorly regretted it after. The tension, the guilt and the flashbacks of clashing teeth were something they quickly wanted to move on from.

But getting with your housemate doesn’t have to be so stressful. If you think about it, there are many pros and awks situations can be cleverly avoided if you do it right.

Don’t make it a regular thing

This will never be a long term thing. It’s supposed to be exciting and spontaneous. Are we gonna get with each other or are we just sharing a kebab? The rare get withs will both keep you unattached as well as not isolate you from the rest of your flat.

Be respectful

Even if you don’t properly like each other, there must be some sort of attraction there for you to get with each other on multiple occasions. And remember, you do live with each other. So maybe don’t pull right in front of their face, unless you love a bit of tension with your cornflakes in the morning.

Remember they ain’t the only fish in the uni sea

Yeah they’re pretty fit. But they ain’t the only one of uni. There are legit thousands of students at uni and a good 60% of them are bangable when sober (let’s be real). Don’t tie yourself down to one person, especially if you know it’s probably not going out there. Swim in the chlamydia-infested uni sea, there are plenty of fish there, but just use a condom lol.

Know the limit

When you start checking their last seen on Whatsapp, finish it. When you know their timetable of by heart, finish it. When you expect them to pay your cab fare or buy you a Maccies, finish it. This is when you know you’re starting to catch feelings, and enough is enough.

Don’t stay in their bed

This is the number one rule. Do not get to comfortable. It’s nice to Netflix and chill, but when it’s time to put your head down, SLEEP IN YOUR OWN BED. Your space is yours, and theirs is theirs. Keep things casj, keep things separate.