Why low-waisted jeans are the devil

Like, seriously, why

A good pair of jeans give you a balance of both comfort as well as making your ass look banging. They are supposed to suck in all the late night maccies and show off those 5 squats you did 2 months ago. I am a fan of the jean, of all denim. I enjoy everything from dungarees to a pair of barely-there shorts. However, the item of clothing that I will never purchase nor do I agree with it’s existence, it’s the low-waist jean.

They do absolutely nothing for you except make you look like a flat-assed plumber with a suspicious looking butt-crack.  Not only is your butt close to full display (if you like that look, go ahead), but the underwear situation is tricky. Basically, whatever you’re wearing, everyone is going to see the VPL. So not only have you made a terrible decision when it comes to trouser-wear, but now you have to make the extra effort into thinking what kind of underwear you have to wear to make those jeans look good (PSA: no underwear, not even Victoria’s Secret, can make low-waist jeans look good, soz).

High waist jeans ON FLEEK

Now comes the issue of the stomach. With high-waisted jeans, it doesn’t matter. It’s cinched in, the double portion of pasta you have three times a week is all hidden away. But when you go with the low waist, it doesn’t matter how many ab workouts you’ve done, the feeling of your stomach sitting on top of the hemline there is just uncomfortable, no matter how nice a top you’ve paired with it.

For the sake of humanity, literally wear anything else. Even flared jeans.