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UCU votes to suspend industrial action, calling off the strikes

Lectures will continue Monday

UCU conducted a ballot that was open between the 4th of April, till today at 2pm. The results of the ballot came in significantly quickly after it was closed, with UCU posting this tweet:


Many Southampton students have lost up to 3 weeks of lectures, so many will be happy that the strikes are over and get back to studying. However, there may be strikes further on in the summer term, that could potentially disrupt examinations and possibly even graduations.

Not everyone is happy with this suspension, as many thought that voting yes to stop the strikes may cause the loss of UCU’s momentum.

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Students themselves have also had mixed feelings:

“Give me my money back” – Molly Mortimer

“Even though I loved the days off, they should give me money back for the stress” Jordi Skilbeck

“Where has our money gone?” Megan Wood

It is clear that the although it has cooled down for now, this fight is not over.