Jailbreak 2017 team en route to DUBAI

They are on track to win

Jailbreak 2017 has been a wild ride. 27 teams had 36 hours (from 8am Saturday morning to 8pm Sunday evening) to get as far away from Highfield campus as possible.

It is looking like the winners of Jailbreak 2017 are Team 3IdiotsonTour, who are currently on the plane to Dubai, 4,512.4 miles away from Highfield campus. Their flight lands at 7:45pm UK time, which is only 15 minutes before the deadline. This is about 1000 more miles than last years winners, who made it to The Gambia.

As of the publication of the article, in second place are Team F.A.B, whose final destination will be Cape Verde and in third place is Team Onyva, whose final destination is Kiev.


Team F.A.B

Currently in last place is Team Tres Amigos, who are 68 miles away in London, trying to get a lift to Dover. They tried to get to Mexico, but were disappointed to realise that ferries from  Portsmouth to Mexico weren’t that frequent.

Well done to everyone!