Southampton’s most eligible bachelorette: HEAT TWO

The galdem

Bachelorette One: Lucy Baumgartner

She was nominated with this description:  Lucy is a super sassy history student, recently single due to a cheating ex. She’s also in the netball team.

Bachelorette Two: Victoria Howard Andrews

She was nominated with this description: Having had suitors basically from day one of her being here, her motherly/wifely demeanour makes her stand out of a crowd. She is passionate about musical theatre and is currently the treasurer for Showstoppers.

Bachelorette Three: Amy Dewar

She was nominated with this description: She never fails to pull on a night out, she even managed to pull in joggers. Her phone is full of guys pestering her for dates though she sadly never replies to any of them.

Bachelorette Four: Laura Young

She was nominated with this description: She’s a 2nd year child nursing student at Uni of Southampton. She equally loves a wild night out in Jesters and a visit to Sprinkles.