Introducing the new Soton Tab team!

Squad goalz xo

This academic year has been a fantastic year for the Soton Tab. Not only did we reach 12,000 likes on Facebook, but we managed to not get sued. Hoorah!

After trailing through dozens of applications for new editor roles, we think we have found the perfect Tab Team for 2017/2018. Although we will be sad to say goodbye to a few faces, there are exciting times ahead for the new Tab editorial squad. So here they are:



Natalie Aminoff and returning editor Iona McPherson will be the head of the ship.

Deputy Editors

Loyal Tab editors Emily Harrison, Dan Hill and Lii Mohammed will be the support and backbone of the team.


At the heart of all things social will be Bean Urquhart.


Sam Wallace and Carrick Livingstone will keep us up to date with the more serious matters.


Charlie Morris and Julia Bourke will be producing the stories that students can really relate to.


Keeping us cultured with the latest reviews and recommendations are Mark Kerri and Emily O’Regan.


Making sure the Tab stay controversial and authentic are Matt Latter and Laura Barr; making the student voice heard.


Natalie Thornton, Ceal Hemming and Charlotte Colombo will be on the lookout for any breaking news and scoops in Southampton.

Congratulations to the new editors! Anyone can still write for us, and if you fancy giving it a go, join our writers group here.