Union President Flora Noble to face a disciplinary hearing

She was a no show to the Senate

Flora Noble, current Union President did not turn up to a mandatory senate meeting on evening of the 15th of March. This means that she was not able to speak about her sabb report (perhaps suggesting she did not have much of a report to speak about).

There was talk of Flora to contact Surrey Union’s chief about restructure but, again, this was not able to be discussed as Flora did not attend the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the senates asked what would be the appropriate response for Flora’s lack of attendance, and the majority of the Senate (including sabbatical officers) voted to for Flora to be brought to a disciplinary.

We approached the Sabbatical officers for comment, which they declined to do so at this current time.

Giles Howard, who holds the position of Disciplinary Chair did tell the Soton Tab, “I can only act on formal complaints and I abstained from the vote at Senate last night. I believe as a result of the meeting yesterday, that the Chair of Union Senate will be investigating disciplinary action against Flora Noble, on behalf of the Senate members.”