Carrick Livingstone

Carrick Livingstone
Southampton University


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Staff will strike during exam period if no deal is reached

Further strikes are expected after Easter

Students against Cuts force meeting with VC after occupying his office floor

Security were called

Lecturer’s take to the picket line during the pension strikes

Around 25% of staff are UCU members

Live: Meet the candidates for the 2018 union elections

It’s gonna get interesting

Uni lecturers may be striking for 3 weeks, and I want a refund

3 weeks works out at £925 worth of tuition fees

VP Sports Candidate Interview: Stephen Gore

Here’s what he had to say

VP Sports Candidate Interview: Patrick Gilbert

Vice President Candidate Interviews: Patrick Gilbert

£25m target reached to build a state of the art cancer research centre in Southampton

Scientists will move into the centre next month

VP Engagement Dan Varley resigns

He is stepping down due to personal reasons

The Union has proposed a vote concerning the staff cuts. But will it make a difference?

Will our voice be ignored?

‘Just ‘cos I’m a Tory ​doesn’t mean I’m a wanker’: We met the conservatives on campus

Yes there is a Conservative Society

The ting goes skraa, Big Shaq is coming to Southampton

you dun know

IMPORTANT: Morrisons in Soton are now making the strongest garlic bread ever

The king of all snacks

Pro-choice students clash with anti-abortion protestors

Abortion became legal 50 years ago

Soton students protest Uni’s relationship with BAE systems

Thousands of civilians​ have been killed by arms sold by BAE

A 19-year-old girl was allegedly raped after Jesters night out

Do you recognise this man?

Fees at Soton uni are going up by £250 a year whilst vice chancellors are getting half a million

Lol what

What do Southampton students think of Jezza?

Corbyn said he was ready for another general election at any time

In this coalition of confusion, who are the DUP?

May must look to form an allegiance with the DUP to form a majority government. But who are they and what policies do they support?