The ‘Rat Man’ has been acquitted in Southampton Crown Court

He’s been accused of attacking a researcher from uni, bizarre

In a wild turn of events, the ‘Rat Man’, real name Christopher Morgan has been acquitted by a court jury of grievous bodily harm on a doctor.

Over the past near decade, Morgan has been giving animals (such as rats, obvs) meat, which has obviously angered many residents.

One of the researchers at University of Southampton, Dr. Steven Johnstone has been making his own observations of Mr Morgan, such as taking photographs of him feeding animals. He also has put up posters up around the common in order to get people to report him.

The incident that was questioned in court was that in July 2016, Dr. Johnstone accused the ‘Rat Man’ of fracturing his arm in a apparent intimidating attack.


Dr. Johnstone stated that he “saw someone in the bushes. It became obvious who it was – Christopher Morgan.” He further said that Morgan approached him in an “intimidating manner” before he started assaulting him.

The ‘Rat Man’ denied the accusation and was subsequently acquitted by jurors.

When discussing his ratty habits, he had this to say: “I don’t dislike rats. Feeding them  them needs to be done because animals need help getting food.” How chivalrous.

In videos captured of the incident, it appears that Morgan blew kisses at the doctor. He said “he needs softening up, I was being affectionate to him.”

It only gets weirder, lol.