There is a BBC sexual consent workshop taking place tonight on campus

BBC3 are making an episode dedicated to sexual assault

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SCA (sexual consent awareness) Southampton are hosting a workshop discussing sexual assault on campus from 18:30 to 20:30 in Building 5 tonight. During the workshop, crew members of BBC3 will be filming as they are making an episode dedicated to sexual assault and health in universities.

President of SCA Laura Barr told the Tab that “we have been interviewing people all day (both students the SCA team) and have been talking about the discussions surrounding sexual assault and consent. The consent workshop is going to be an engaging way to debunk myths and challenge stereotypes.”

The fact that there are sexual consent workshops is great, as the rate of sexual assault at university’s is much too high, and most of these assaults remain unrecorded. But, it is sad that they have to be done in the first place, and one might question why they are tackling university students rather than having these workshops with younger people, so they go to university already having a clear definition of consent.