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A ‘members-only’ website is sharing nudes and postcodes of Soton students

A petition to remove it has passed 25,000 signatures

Soton to host Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn in a live debate

The TV debate will happen six days before the election

BusSoc member wears ‘Greta Thunberg is Aspergers af’ to white t-shirt social

The society says the incident ‘tarnishes the reputation of all white t-shirt socials’

Southampton lecturer dies in wingsuit jump accident

He was a ‘phenomenally talented man’

The emotional journey of finding a placement, as told by memes

A brief summary of constant rejection summed up in memes

‘I want to bring real change to the union, by providing services to the students which will have a real benefit to their lives.’: George Fairweather on why he should be Union President

He’s dedicated on improving mental and emotional support at the Uni.

‘I believe my unique experiences would be beneficial’: Abigail Mustard is running for VP Activities

She plans to update the website and place more emphasis on societies

‘I’ll find a cute dog to celebrate with’: Laura Elizabeth Barr is running for VP Welfare and Community

She says sexual consent is key to her campaign

‘I’d celebrate with a sarcastic speech, a couple of Jungle Birds (rum cocktails) and a three day sleep’: Meet Nik Mukherjee, running for Union President

He believes his clear vision and dedication sets him apart from the rest

‘I can eat a whole pizza in under a minute’: Bad Boy Pizza Soc’s Henry Hill is running for SU President

He considers himself ‘the people’s vote’

I went undercover at Solent University and this is what I learned

It’s not actually that different…

Every type of fuckboy you’ll meet on a night out in Soton

Be warned ladies

Man admits to murder after body found on Southampton Common

34-year old Tommy Scott has pleaded guilty to murder

Which Christmas decoration is your degree?

I think we can all agree that baubles can be very irritating

A 20-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in the city centre on Sunday morning

The attack happened between Asda supermarket and a car park on Portland Terrace

All the thoughts you have as a Southampton student in the lead up to Christmas

Michael Buble being played everywhere helps to distract from the pain of deadlines – just about

Man’s body found in Southampton Common lake

Another tragedy in Soton Common

There has been a major power cut at Southampton General Hospital

The hospital has confirmed it as a ‘major incident’